Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Theater Night for Four

Guest post written by Florence Webber

My husband and I took our grandkids to the movies this past weekend. We hadn’t seen the kids in a while, so we thought we would take them to the local cinemas for a nice outing. Most of the movies that were showing were for adults, but we found a movie called Alpha and Omega, a cartoon movie about two wolves that made the perfect option for the kids.
They seemed to really enjoy the movie, and I was happy to see that we made a good choice for them. We were also glad that we brought our new Miracle Ear hearing aids to the theater, since we ended up in the way back.

After the movie we let the kids play in the arcade out in the lobby for a little while. We always try and make sure they have a good time when we spend time together.

I think next time we have a day with the kids, we will take them miniature golfing. That’s the only thing they love more than movies!

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