Friday, August 29, 2008

Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup

Don't you ever get hungry for just plain homemade vanilla ice cream with lots of chocolate syrup. Well I did so I went to the store and got some. Now I am going to have a great big bowl full of Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla ice cream with Hershey's chocolate syrup all over it. Don't you just wish you were here to join us? There is plenty left.

Employment Screening

Having worked in Personnel for 25 years, I know how important employment screening is. You never know when a prospective employee is going to lie on their application so it is a good idea to have a credible company help you with credit checks and also check for criminal records too. This company has had 26 years of background screening and they can give you quick results. All you need to do is sign up with them and you are on your way to saving time and money by getting fast screening of all your prospective employees.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Storm Clouds

It looks like storm clouds are rolling in. We had rain about 6 this morning and got an inch. It is very welcome rain because the lawns and everything are turning brown. The flowers were glad to see the rain too. Then this afternoon, we had another nice shower and the sun came out and it was just beautiful. Now the sun is going down and I can see on the northwestern front that storm clouds are moving in on us fast. Will have to keep an eye out so we can get the windows shut when necessary. It is rather warm and nice to have them open right now.

Omaha Personal Injury Attorney

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fall or Summer?

This is the strangest weather. It feels just like cold fall in the mornings and you want to close all the windows but you don't. And the reason is that now that it is 8 at night, the house is hot inside. But we have run our air conditioner all summer it seems and it is kind of nice to give it a rest. Our little dog though, goes around panting. Sooner or later though she will stretch out on the floor in front of the fan and cool down and go to sleep. It is supposed to be a rough winter according to the almanac. I hope they are wrong but we are below normal already at night for this time of the year.

Holiday Shopping Information

It will not be long and it will be time to go Holiday Shopping again. I actually like to start the first of the year and pick up things all year long but when it gets down to the wire, the best time to go is on Black Friday. You know what that is. That is when they fill your papers with all kinds of store flyers and have great specials on the day after Thanksgiving. But the deal is that the really most wanted items are those that are in very small quantities. And this is a cold State so you have to bundle up very warm in 2 pair of socks and boots, a very warm coat, scarf, mittens and go stand in a very long line at 5 a m in the morning if you just want to hope to be the one to get one of those special deals. Now you can save yourself a huge amount of money on gas and time by going to this online website cyber monday and getting the ads ahead of time. That way you can make out your list and plan your schedule and get ready in advance. But best of all you can see these ads ahead of time just as soon as they are printed and before you get them in your newspapers. I just love Wal-Mart to shop because they have almost everything and I can do a one stop shopping trip. What could be better? Not only that but you can sign up for e-mail alerts and get the scoop on specials way in advance. I just love it. It really saves a great deal of wear and tear on me to know what the specials are ahead of time. Be smart too this year, and check into this website and sign up so you can be ahead of the game this year.

Olympics in China

The Olympics are over and everyone is headed for home now. In place of the Olympics, will now be the Democratic convention. The U.S. won their basketball game on Sunday against Spain to win one more gold medal. They have plenty to be proud of bringing home the gold medals. They all did well. We had several from our State that went and did well and one was from a town only 20 miles from here. She did very well. It was fun to see them flash their gold medals to the crowds. Good job, USA.

Light Fixtures

When I look around my home, I see a great deal of outdated light fixtures. It is not always so easy to run around from place to place looking for just the right ones for your home. But now you can save a lot of gas and wear and tear on both your car and you by going to their website and checking out all the fabulous light fixtures they have available. I believe you will find the more you buy, the more you will save in many cases and they have some great sales going on, even as much as 65% discount on some fixtures.


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Sunday, August 24, 2008

English Movies

Do you like to watch English movies? It is so much fun sometimes to try and figure out what they are saying. We jokingly say sometimes that it is too bad the English don't speak our language. They make really good and interesting movies. We love the police and detective ones. There are two on tonight, one right after the other. Really enjoying them.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

NASCAR Truck Series

Come on Kyle. There seems to be no stopping him. He won the O'Reilly 200 at Bristol, Tennessee and earned his third win in the Craftsman Truck Series. He endured four cautions and a red flag during the final 21 laps and was victorious by winning at the Bristol Motor Speedway. His combined victories in NASCAR"S three top series is 17 now. Mark Martin and Carl Edwards and Kyle are the only drivers to win in all three series there. Pretty exciting and a lot of fun to watch. And he did it driving a Toyota.


Relatives can be good and bad. The good ones are enjoyable. We have a nephew who lives quite close to us and delivers our newspaper. He is very conscientious and makes sure the paper is always on time. He is single so he stops by now and then just to visit. He and my husband have a lot in common with their favorite football teams. I sent home a bag of cookies with him today that I know he will enjoy. He can put some in his lunch when he goes to work.

Debt Collection Agencies

It gets pretty tough for companies when their clients do not pay their bills. It takes money to run the company, therefore, you have to get those monies rolling in. One of the best way to do this is use debt collection agencies. But all agencies are not the same. This company will tailor their collections methods to your company needs. They have the knowledge and technology needed to do this. You will find they are way ahead of other collection agencies when you employ them to do your collection for you. Get a free rate quote now just by clicking on their site.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NASCAR Nationwide Series

The NASCAR Nationawide Series will be held Aug l. That is one day before the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Pocono Speedway. The Iowa Speedway has landed the Nationwide Series race just two years after the track opened up. Iowa replaces Mexico City, which was dropped from the 2009 Nationwide schedule. They have yet to name the race that will be held at the Iowa Speedway. It will be exciting for Iowa.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Porcupine Meatballs

We had porcupine meatballs for supper tonight. That along with some good homemade potato salad and cold beans made a good supper. Also had fresh slice tomatoes from the neighbors garden and cucumbers. I put extra sauce on the meatballs so you can have plenty of sauce with every bit. I actually made the meatballs last night and it made a big enough batch for two meals. It was time to have something besides sweet corn.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Are You Sure it is August?

Are you sure it is the middle of August? It has been feeling a great deal like October for a couple of weeks now. When you get up in the morning it is in the 50's and that is cold for August. They always talk about "the dog days" of summer in August because it is always so hot you can hardly stand it. The humidity is high and you are hoping for rain. Not this year though. The humidity has dropped and we have had plenty of rain for the beans and corn. It will warm to the 80's by afternoon but I heard they may have snow in the Rockies today. I think that is too early and an early warning to us of an early winter. Summer has been way too short this year but maybe September will be better.

Brazil Vacation Packages

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Luxury Vacations

Oh, what I wouldn't give to go on vacation right now before winter sets in. They are talking about snow in the Rockies this morning and it is mid August, the middle of summer. In checking out the internet for luxury vacations I found this wonderful website and it has ever changing pictures of great vacations. And they have specials too like 50% off Jamaican vacations. I would just love to go to one of the places they list as off the beaten path by the Mediterranean Sea. This sea has the most beautiful blue water with white waves dashing against the shores. It just makes me want to get online and setup a fantastic vacation now and they will take care of all the details.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps

Right up there with Mark Spitz and Carl Lewis, Michael Phelps has added his name among the most winning Olympians ever on Tuesday. He has no equal in China with three gold medals and three world records. We have to be proud to know he is an American. Michael ran his career Olympic total to nine golds when he won the 200 meter freestyle. Last year he set the mark of l minute 43.86 seconds in last year's world championships. This time he broke the mark at 1 minute and 42.96 seconds.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Have you tried taking surveys to make a little extra cash? It is easy and it may not be the biggest cash in the world, but it is kind of neat to get a check now and then. I have a few favorites that I do several times a week. Most of all I use what I call a "clicker" and click off all my purchases for points. The points then can be put into a debit credit card and used as cash. Or if you like, you can get other items with your posts. Right now I am getting close to putting an additional $50 in my card and that will buy quite a few groceries.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breakfast - What is Your Choice?

Everyone seems to like different breakfasts. My husband just asked if I would make him some breakfast and he likes some little sausages and eggs or bacon and eggs and toast with butter and jelly. I, on the other hand, like cereal and I like to have more than one kind on hand so I can change off. I like Post Raisen Brand and sweetened Mini Wheats too. I have some Rice Krispies too right now from treats I made a while back for a picnic. One of my all time favorites is Great Grains with raisens, dates and pecans. Yum Yum. I know some people will only have pancakes or waffles but they are more of a treat for me than the regular daily breakfast.

Futures Trading

I think that futures trading is a very interesting business. If you are inexperienced, it is all the more important that you find a reliable, licensed broker. This online website will help you with setting up your account, managing it, viewing it and more. They also have full service, broker managed accounts. You will be able to get daytrading margins, online account reviews and free live streaming quotes and charts as well as a great deal more.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lightning Hits 91 Spectators at a Racetrack

It happened in Flisa, Norway. All the auto racing fans were at a racetrack in Norway on Sunday. A lightning bolt struck 91 of the people and 45 were taken to the hospital with minor burns. It was lucky that no one was seriously injured. The lightning hit a hill where spectators at the rallycross were sitting. Rallycross is a form of sprint-style automobile racing on a closed circuit. The race was a national championship and it was called off after the lightning hit.

Hip Problems

My husband is having hip problems. When he bends a certain way or picks up something a bit heavy, he gets a pain in his left hip. We are not sure if it is his hip or his back. So I made him a doctor appointment for later this morning to find out. I think they will x-ray it to see what is going on. They have newer better x-ray equipment at our little town clinic than they have at the hospital 10 miles down the road. Our clinic is really up-to-date with their own laboratory too. We are very fortunate to have it here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

President Dollars

This is a wonderful shopping website president dollars where you can find almost anything you are looking for. The Cable Shopping Network, or CSN, has a fantastic assortment of products for you to shop for. Among them are some wonderful president dollars, such as Eisenhower dollars. If you are a collector, you can sort them out by cost or mint marks. They are located in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona and invite you to stop by their headquarters if you are in the area. You will find their people are very dedicated and helpful. Their goal is to please the customer and make for a very happy shopping experience.

Too Many Emergency Landings in Australia

Quantas Airways' safety standards are under review by Australia's aviation agency. This is because Sunday a Philippines bound jetliner spraying hydraulic fuel made the airline's third high profile emergency landing in eight days. I know one thing, I would be afraid to fly with them. That is just too many emergencies. This last one was a Boeing 767 with 200 passengers on board. It had to return to the Sydney airport soon after takeoff Saturday. Air traffic controllers saw fluid streaming from a wing. Scary, huh?

India - Bus Accident Kills 40

A bus loaded with dozens of farm laborers were crowded into this overcrowded truck. All of a sudden it plunged into a river in northern India. At least 40 of the farm laborers were killed and a great many more were hurt. The workers were just returning home from the fields near the village of Ghoomsa in Bihar state, when the accident happened late Saturday. At least 80 people were believed to have been crammed into the back of the truck when the driver lost control.

Beauty School

If you have the talent and passion to become a beauty operator or professional then you need to find the best school in your area to study. By checking into this online website Beauty School you can check by state or even by zip code to find the best school for you. Not only can they help you find your school but they have a great deal of other information on their website such as licensing and laws. It also helps to check out the latest tips and trends because they seem to really change quickly and you need to keep up. Get started today and they will also give you help in how to pay your way through school and a great deal more information.

Thank God for Air Conditioning

Whoever the man was that God gave the idea to for air conditioning did a wonderful job of inventing it. I could not stand to live in a house again without central air conditioning. And whenever you go for a ride in the car, on goes the air conditioning. We used to ride around with the windows open and when we arrived at our destination, we were so tired and worn out from the wind and heat. It is a little bit of heaven to have air conditioning now. Our parents were not able to enjoy it. They were lucky if they had a good fan.

Bomb in Iraq Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers

The soldiers were the first to be killed in Baghdad since July 8. But a roadside bomb killed two U.S. soldiers in a predominantly Shiite area in Baghdad on Monday. This was the first deadly attack against American troops in the capital in nearly a month. At least 9 Iraqis were also killed in explosions elsewhere in the Baghdad area. It is a grim reminder of the dangers that continue to face security forces and civilians despite significant security gains over the past year. You know, folks, this war has been going on between these groups for nearly 2,000 years and frankly, I don't think anyone will ever really put a stop to it.

Certified Coins

The economy is quite shakey lately, to say the least. If you are looking for a safe place to put your investments today, I am not sure the stock market is the place to do it. In fact, if you listen to the news, they are begging you to bring in your old gold jewelry to be melted down as gold is very valuable. So why not invest in gold to start with? This online website certified coins is just the place to get started. The Monex family of companies has been in the business for many years and have a great deal of expertise in all forms of precious metals. One of the best investments is in rare coins. They have all the information and helpful staff to assist you in preserving your wealth with these investments. They will also keep you up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the market if you wish to sign up for a free trial subscription to the Rare Coin Insider.

Heath Ledger's Death Investigated

Federal investigators want to question actress Mary-Kate Olsen about how Heath Ledger got two powerful painkillers that contributed to his accidental overdose death. He was much too young to die so young. She is not talking to them and her lawyer has refused twice to have her sit down with investigators about the death. He was the scene stealing star of "The Dark Knight". He died in a Manhattan apartment awhile back. Olsen wants a promise of immunity before she speaks to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA investigators suspect the painkills oxycodone and hydrocodone found in his system were obtained with phoney prescriptions or other illegal sources. Time will tell. By the way, have you noticed that movie almost seems cursed. Others who were in it have had accidents or something and have been on the news lately.

Chocolate Cake

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like chocolate cake? I don't know anyone myself. But in our family we like to take the chocolate 9 x 13 chocolate cake and split it in half. Whip up a batch of twinkie like cream filling and put it inbetween. My daughter says she likes to make a double batch of it but it is good with just a single batch too. Put the cake together, frost it either chocolate or white. We kind of like white as a contrast to the chocolate and it just gets more moist every day. Of course, it doesn't last too long at our house so I don't know just how moist it gets in later days but my guess it is just as good if not better than the first or second day.

Home Health Care

Our state has the highest number of elderly people in the U.S. Many of then require home health care. Perhaps they have had surgery or a fall and just need some minor assistance around the home to get well quicker. But many need real medical by someone who cares about them and wants them to have the best recovery possible. That is the aim of this company and you can see their services at this online website Home Health Care . Their patients are the reason for their existence. They are licensed and bonded and also insured so you know you are getting the best. They provide every type of home care assistance to improve your quality of life. Just contact them and they are ready and willing to be of service to you.

Lunch - What will we have?

Is it going to be a sandwich, soup and crackers? Or is it going to be a sandwich, chips, a little handy pack of pudding, applesauce or fruit. The types of sandwiches are endless. We keep several kinds of deli meats - ham, turkey, and chicken in the house. Also a favorite mild cheddar cheese to slice off. Add some Miracle Whip, sandwich spread, or horshradish sauce and a bit of lettuce and there you go. Maybe today we'll have all beef hot dogs or even Polish Sausages for a change of pace. You never know from one day to the next but it is a great idea to have a variety on hand.

Hamburgers and Beans

What is so good on a hot day than a quick mostly cold supper? Make some homemade potato salad, open a can of cold beans you kept in the refrigerator. Throw a couple hamburgers on the grill. Pour some cold milk. Set out a bowl of fresh or frozen strawberries and there you are. A picnic supper in no time at all. When I am busy posting, I try to find quick and easy way to feed that hungry husband of mine and he often helps get it ready. With a George Foreman grill, hamburgers are quick to fix too. Are you hungry yet?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Las Vegas Vacations

Ready to take a vacation? It is that time of year and where else could you go for a great deal of excitement except Las Vegas. You don't just want to go online and hunt all over for accommodations and the best Las Vegas vacations shows and casinos. You could spend hours doing that. What you need to do is go to this online website where they have done all the work for you and have lined up the best roster of hotels and not only that but the very best of shows. You only have so much time for your vacation and you want to make the most of it so check them out. They have you covered for a great time seeing and doing the best Vegas has to offer.

Another Day, Another Dollar

Being retired, I am always looking for more ways to make some extra money to keep up with the bills. Having no retirement fund to fall back on puts a lot of stress on you just keeping up with lights and gas. Plus gasoline for the car has become a huge cost. I found by joining a company that pays you to write posts for advertisers, I could write posts and make that extra money I need to put tires on the car, replace the garage door opener and a whole lot more and besides it is fun. All you need is a computer and the ability to type or even hunt and peck and you can post for fun and profit.

Oh Money, Where are You

Saving money for retirement is a big item and it is not easy. There is not way to tell just how much money you will need so you try to do your best. I just went to this online website Debt consolidation and took a great quiz they have on their website. I rated a 70% C. I don't think that is very good. I could tell by the questions, that I am doing a lot of things wrong or could do more of them much better than I have been and I need a great deal of Debt help and this is a great place to get that help and advice.

Money Woes

My debt is now bad
Bills come in much way too fast
Help me please I pray

When you live in a home, there is an awful lot of upkeep to keep it in average or better shape so you spend money you really don't have and put it on the credit cards and the next thing you know you need Debt relief. They have a great deal of good advice for me and perhaps you could use help too. Check them out.


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The Neighbor

We have a very good neighbor who has a big garden across the way from us. She brings us all kinds of fresh vegetables from her garden. Last week she brought me a bunch of Swiss Chard. It is much like spinach and I love spinach. Then she brought some yellow summer squash and enough to give my other neighbor next door. Also cucumbers, so crisp and good, I really like those. Now the tomatoes are starting and there is nothing like a home grown tomato, unlike the half green, hard ones you get in the grocery store. I send home cake and cookies or pie if I have it because those are things that she doesn't get or have in the house as her husband is diabetic.

Blister Treatment

This company has come up with a patch that will not only heal blisters, but stop the pain and even prevent blisters from forming. Many good reports have come in from people who are so happy to be using them and not having blisters forming from their new shoes. This online website Blister Treatment tells you all about these wonderful patches. They sent out 1,000 sample packs of ENGO patches to members in both the Todays Health & Wellness and North American Hunter groups. In this way they got a good test and great feedback on their effectiveness. Before you go off in that new pair of shoes, be sure you have some of these patches ready or put them on in advance so you don't need to get the blisters at all.

Sex, Sex, Sex - It Makes News

Here is another case of sex tapes being fought over. Verne Troyer had sex with his ex-girfriend and they taped it. Then she took the tapes and released parts of them. He is suing his ex-girlfriend for $20 million dollars, claiming she allowed bits of the tape to be released. His lawsuit also claims that she was abusive and inflicted emotional distress on the "Austin Powers" actor. This new lawsuit comes roughly two weeks after Troyer settled with a porn distributor and broker and successfully blocked the release of the 50 minute tape of him and her having sex. Sickening, isn't it?

Dismemberment Suspect Accused

A while back a British teenager was found dismembered and her torso stuffed into a suitcase. They have picked up a Brazilian man who is accused of doing this. He says he doesn't remember most of what happened that night she died because he was high on cocaine. Then he guided the police to the remote area where he allegedly tossed her head and arms and legs from a bridge. But earlier Friday, he denied that he had killed her when he talked to reporters. This sort of thing sees to be common on the news today. Beheading is becoming almost commonplace all over the world. What is going on?

Baby Shops

Now that you have a new baby, where do you shop for all the many things you will need? Yes, I know they had baby showers, but that didn't bring you furniture for the nursery or a stroller or tell you the best places to shop to get what you need. How do you know you are getting the best and saving money too and where are these places located? Well now all you have to do is check into this online website baby shops and get help 24 hours a day with the click of your mouse on our computer. They have gathered over 120,000 reviews from real parents with the experience to advise you. You can find out about baby services and products in 5,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. They even have a book series, full of parent reviews just for parents. Get your questions answered here.

Our Landlord is the Best

We live in a mobilehome court and our landlord is the best. He encourages his mobilehome owners to put up single and double garages so they will stay put. It has to be hard for a landlord to watch homes come and go. He has a lot of work with each one that does leave or a new one that moves in. If you need help with anything, he will help you. He put a new screen door on for us and a taller standpipe on the water heater so it wouldn't go out every time we had a hard wind. We have a good double garage built right onto the house and he helped the previous owner build it. He clears all our snow out of our big driveway just as quickly as possible, even though we are retired and often don't need to go out in bad weather. He's the greatest.

Eclipse in China

This has not been a good 2008 year for China. First they had heavy snowstorms on the Chinese New Year. As if that wasn't bad enough, they had the deadliest earthquake in a generation and to top it off, river flooding. Then at the Olympic sailing site, they had a huge algae bloom which caused a great many Chinese to hint online about curses on their country. Well finally they had something to celebrate. After an Olympic year of freakish natural disasters, crowds of Chinese watched a total solar eclipse along the country's ancient Silk Road on Friday. this was one week before the start of the Summer Games in Beijing. Needless to say, they were celebrating this act of nature. What a happy event just before the Olympics.

Ford Mustang Radiator

Give me a good old family-owned business anytime when I need a part for my car. They know what they are doing because they have been in business for some time. They have the best quality parts for my car and I know they won't sell me junk because they are there to furnish my parts for my car and won't be here today and gone tomorrow. In order to get my Ford Mustang Radiator, I just went to this online website Ford Mustang Radiator because I know I can depend on them to get me a quality radiator at the lowest price and fast too because they have warehouses all over the United States. I can expect my part the next day and that is very important to keep me on the road. Check them out and see if you don't agree.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Atlanta Falcons

Chris Redman was once an insurance salesman. And he went from that to starting NFL quarterback so he's not going to just step aside quietly and let some hot-shot rookie take his job. He is not ready to give up his quarterback job, not just yet. He has every intention of being out on the field for the first snap of the ball on September 7. He said you are always competing, no matter where you are at so he is just going out there and do what he has to do. He'll try his best to win some games and see what happens. Sooner or later, Matt Ryan, will take over as everyone knows he is unquestionably the future of the Atlanta Falcons. But for now, Redman is very excited as he gets to go against the best college quarterback in the nation.

Pirates Stop Cubs

The Pirates stopped the Cubs' 5- game winning streak. All though two of their best players got traded, Pittsburgh made a strong showing in a 3-0 win over the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs had just boosted their lead to five games but they didn't win against the Pirates. The victory moved the Pirates out of last place. The manager said it was great to see the energy in those guys. He could tell they were excited to be there but also they had no idea of what they were doing. But it all worked in their favor and they beat the Cubs.

Option Trading

So the company gave you some stock options. Are you experienced in trading or just a beginning. It doesn't matter which you are because this online website option trading has the information you need whether you are just starting out or have been trading and know the ropes. They are the only internet-based provider with Smart Search XLAE. For the highest return option trades, it has the support technology you need. If you need them, you can get easy tutorials to get you started. And they will give you a free 14 day trial with no credit card required. Just fill in the blanks on their website and you are on your way.

Al-Qaida Commander Confirmed Dead

The death of a top commander was confirmed Sunday by Al-Qaida. He was accused of training the suicide bombers who killed 17 American sailors on the USS COle eight years ago. Time goes so fast, it doesn't seem like it has been that long ago but I guess justice caught up with him at last. There was a $5 million bounty on his head from the United States. They think he was killed in an airstrike launched by the U.S. in Pakistan last week.

Stampede Kills 145 in India

This happened at a remote mountaintop temple in northern India. Thousands of pilgrims were there during celebrations to honor a Hindu goddess. Suddenly they stampeded on Sunday and dozens of people fell to their deaths and many more were trampled. The police said 145 were killed in all. I guess there had been rumors of a landslide that started the panic. Pilgrims began running down the narrow path leading from the peak and ran into others coming up. It was a horrible incident all around. So sad.

Honeymoon Vacation

How would you like to spend a very romantic wedding with a reception made just for you and then spend your honeymoon vacation on the gorgeous Riviera Maya. Well you can do just that. And not only that but it will cost you a lot less than having it in your home town and a great deal less stress as well. I am talking about visiting this website honeymoon vacation for the best time of your life. You will make memories here that will never be forgotten and you will no doubt want to come back and celebrate some anniversaries here as well because their hotels are located in the most beautiful of locations. On their private beach, get married in an oceanfront gazebo with flowers in your hair. Maybe you would enjoy being married barefoot under the beautiful palm trees? Their staff is very experienced and will arrange everything just the way you want it.

Tea Kettle

I have a kettle on my stove that they used to call a tea kettle. I don't know what they call them now but I always have it full of water to add to dishes I am cooking. I don't think the younger generation uses them. They probably don't even know what they are. But I have gone through several in my lifetime. I got a new shiny metal one this time and it is good looking sitting on the stove and very handy.

Hot Weather Really Helps the Corn & Beans

We are having the really hot summer weather. It has been nearly 90 for days. They say if you go out at night you can hear the corn grow. My husband says when they were kids they could hear it on the farm at night. It has really gotten tall now and so have the beans. Everything is so pretty and green. However, the corn makes for a great deal of humidity in our state.

Stop Snoring

My husband can snore until the windows of the house rattle. He has snored like that all his life. I have found this great online website stop snoring that can finally give me some good help with this problem. They have been in business since l996 and have over a million customers. They carry an enormous line of products to help you in the home. I found they have a snore wizard that can help me with my husband's snoring. Also they have an alarm clock that will shake the bed. That ought to stop him. And if it doesn't there is also a special pillow I can get for him. Their prices are low and you can even see the ratings these products have been given. That means a great deal.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

U. S. Olympic Basketball Team

They easily won their first three exhibition games. They are in good shape defensively. They have two more games to go before the real deal starts. Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade are anxious to get going to the Olympics. Kobe is their best defender, that is for sure. Wade is a high scorer and has done well after healing up from a surgically repaired knee. Go men, go.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday Girl

I am the birthday girl today. Well I am not exactly a girl anymore but you are as young as you feel. And I have always said, no matter how I age, my brain stays at 20 years. I am having a great birthday. Delicious cream filled chocolate cake came my way last night and we are nibbling away at it. Yum Yum Now we are off to a great steak dinner and I get mine FREE at this restaurant and you can't beat that at today's prices. Flowers arrived too this afternoon and do they smell good! Two beautiful red roses and a white carnation bouquet from my 2 sisters and brother. That was a really neat surprise. I hope you all enjoy your birthday as much as I am.


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