Tuesday, September 30, 2014

October Tomorrow

It will be the first day of October tomorrow. It is really looking like Fall now. Trees are turning and some trees are even beginning to lose their leaves. Think the lawn has been mowed for the last time now. The Mums are really blooming. We have had a couple frosts but they are hardy and keep blooming. I hope this isn't a long, cold, snowy winter ahead.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Early Snow

There has already been too much early snow west of us. Montana got 6 inches the other day. Utah got some too, I think. Then yesterday, South Dakota Black Hills got a lot of snow. That is too close to us. It is way to early too. I sure hope that doesn't mean we are going to have a long long cold winter with lots of snow. I dread walking on ice. At my age, it is really dangerous. It means staying in the house a lot too when it get slick outside. Today we are having cold temperatures, 48 degrees today is our high so far and going to freeze tonight. I don't like that - at least not in early September.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blueberry Bagels

I have not had bagels in a long time. I decided while shopping to get a package of them and see how I liked them. I like them toasted with lots of butter. I also love them with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar on them. Guess I am spoiled as have always loved cinnamon toast. I like raisin bread too and it seems similar having blueberries in the bagels. It's kind of nice to try something different. I think they are better than they were years ago. I always thought they were quite tough to eat but these are nice and soft. A good improvement over the ones I got years ago.