Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pirates Move Saudi Supertanker Farther Offshore

We have heard quite a bit about pirates on the high seas lately taking over ships. I thought pirates were a thing of the past and something in books and movies. But Somali pirates have taken their greatest prize yet. It is a Saudi supertanker with $100 million of crude oil and they have moved it farther offshore in what appears to be a rare defensive move following threats by Islamic insurgents.

The pirates have dominated Somalia's high seas for the past year, bringing in some $30 million in ransom despite stepped up international efforts to fight them including foreign warships guarding the waters. However, the Nov. 15 hijacking of the Sirius Star was the pirates' most audacious to date and prompted threats from Somali extremists. Last Friday, Islamic fighters promised to fight the pirates and free the ship because it was Muslim-owned and flagged under Saudi Arabia. Two days later, pirates moved the ship about 28 miles, putting it about 30 miles off the coast of the coastal village of Harardhere.

UGG Boots

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Economy Worse Than Expected

Tuesday, the government released a triple dose of discouraging data. Over the summer, the economy shrank even more than previously believed, and consumers reduced their spending by the largest amount in 28 years. During the same period, home prices fell to levels not seen since early 2004.

The updated reading on the economy's performance released Tuesday by the Commerce Department, showed the gross domestic product shrank by a 0.5 percent annual rate in the July to September quarter. That was weaker than the 0.3 percent rate of decline first estimated a month ago. It marked the worst showing since the economy contracted at a 1.4 percent pace in the third quarter of 2001. That was when terrorists attacked the U.S. and the nation was suffering through its last recession. Not good at all. is it?

Friday, November 28, 2008

IMF Approves Pakistan Loan Package

The economic crisis threatening Pakistan was eased on Tuesday. The International Monetary Fund agreed to a $7.6 bailout. This was even though experts warned that the militancy torn country remains as risk without more aid from the West and painful reforms at home.

Approved on Monday, the IMF loan program banished the immediate risk of a currency crash and debt default in a country already bending under the pressure of 25 percent inflation and slowing economic growth. It is happening all over the world, folks, not just here at home in the United States. The Pakistani rupee had slid from 20 percent since March as economic storm clouds gathered around Pakistan. Pakistan is a nuclear-armed country increasingly seen as vital to stabilizing neighboring Afghanistan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Libya Wants to Invest in U.S.

You know if we aren't careful, every country in the world will own a piece of the USA and we won't have any left for ourselves. I know you think that is far fetched, but when German buys a company in Iowa and now Gadhafi's son wants to invest in the USA. Where is it all going to end? Libya wants to open a new chapter in relations with the United States by tapping into a major government fund to invest in U.S. companies and sending thousands of students to study in America.

Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, in an interview with the Associated Press outlined plans for Libya to move from the one-man rule of his father, Moammar Gadhafi, to a constitutional democracy as part of the country's modernization process. The younger Gadhafi said he expects a constitution providing for democratic elections to be adopted by September 2009. This will be the 40th anniversary of the l969 revolution that brought his father to power. He also said he expects Libya to modify its central government to a model similar to the U.S. federal government, with strong regional and local governments. I think Americans are so busy with their work and careers that they aren't paying any attention to the fact that America is being bought out, little by little, and one day we won't have enough left of our own country to be a strong forceful government among nations.

Friday, November 21, 2008

What a Beautiful Day Today

It was just a beautiful day today after a day of cold temperatures, clouds and high winds yesterday. It didn't take long to freeze your fingers yesterday and they were telling parents to bundle up the kids in case of frostbite. But today the wind stopped. The sun came out all day and it warmed up some even though we are below normal. Nights are very cold. This morning I think it was 4 degrees. We were able to get out and pick up my husband's new lens for his glasses, gas up the car for $1.72 a gallon, do some shopping at Wal-Mart and pick up dog food at Petco for Holly. I left my gloves in the car most of the time and it was really nice not to have to keep track of them while shopping. We need more days like this before the real winter weather sets in with snow.

Mexico Vacation

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Pill as Good as Chemo?

News out of London, tells that some advanced lung cancer patients who have already been treated with chemotherapy, might be able to skip some of the bad side effects of another series of chemo by taking a pill instead. This was an international study that showed patients on Iressa, an expensive, newer targeted treatment, survived about as long as those on another course of chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, few treatments exist for lung cancer and most patients die within a few years of diagnosis. Lung cancer kills about 1.4 million people every year. Iressa, made by AstraZeneca PLC, is one of several new targeted drugs that attack specific growth receptors on cancer cells, doing less harm to patients.

Those patients on Iressa survived about 7.6 months while those on chemo survived about 8 months. After one year, 32 percent of patients on Iressa were still alive, while 34 percent of chemotherapy patients were still alive. Frankly, these figures don't look much different to me and if the pill is so much more expensive, it doesn't appear to give those with lung cancer any longer to live, in fact it looks like they live less time.

Drug Suspect's Wife Charged

A drug suspect's wife is being charged in the shooting death of an FBI agent. The FBI agent was trying to arrest a cocaine-dealing suspect at a home near Pittsburgh when he was fatally shot by the man's wife. About 6 a.m. Agent Samuel Hicks was shot in the middle class community of Indiana Township. The 33 year old was taking part in a drug ring roundup at the home of Robert Korbe. Korbe was taken into custody on the drug charge. Korbe's wife, Christina, age 40, was charged with homicide. Her attorney, Sumner Parker, said his client had feared for her life and might have thought someone was breaking into the home. Likely story, huh?

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We Need Coal

By 2042, America's population is expected to grow by 100 million. Even if we were able to reduce personal energy consumption by 25-50 percent, we would still be significantly behind due to the population growth. That means each person would have to cut their energy usage by 75 percent. It is a fact that 400 million Americans can't live on less energy than 300 million Americans and many of them are already using energy efficient appliances and electronics.

This means that America's future electrical needs will include a variety of fuel resources and that includes coal. The question isn't whether we will use coal but how we will use it. We have to use it cleanly. Research must be done into clean coal technology and that means putting money toward funding that research.

Instead of wasting valuable time arguing against funding for critical new technologies, we had better spend the time and energy finding ways to ensure the funding of advanced clean coal technology. We can't wait years and decades to make these investments, because other countries such as China and India and others are going to continue to increase their use of coal and most likely won't develop their own clean coal technology. The U.S. has a great chance to demonstrate international leadership by developing that technology and work to transfer it around the world.

We need to keep building new coal plants that are carbon capture ready so they can be retrofitted once the technology is ready. If we eliminate coal, we would become overly dependent on other more expensive forms of energy such as natural gas at nearly three times the cost of coal. We need all forms of energy but coal is our most abundant and affordable fuel source for electricity and it will remain a part of America's energy outlook for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hewlett-Packard Co Shares Soar

After a solid 4th Quarter outlook, Hewlett-Packard Co. surprised Wall Street on Tuesday by saying its earnings will be slightly above the analysts' expectations. This goes against the grain as other technology bellwethers have slashed forecasts and posted weak results in the sagging economy. It is great to hear some good news for once in the middle of all the bad news. Wall Street is diving again today.

The Palo Alto California based computer and printer maker expects earning of 84 cents per share and adjusted earnings of $1.03 per share for the three months ended in October. This is slightly better than the $1 per share that analysts were expecting.

Denver Restaurants

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Front-of-Package Food Labels Coming

The nation's dietitians, food makers and retailers want you to know how many calories are in that frozen pizza you enjoyed last night, and they don't want you to have to go looking for it on the label. With obesity rates, eating habits and exercise patterns, a widespread concern for all, they say the will help people make better eating choices by designating thousands of products as part of the new Smart Choices Program and adding nutritional information to the front of packages.

I have been reading labels for over 30 years and even more so the last year when I nearly got diabetes 2. And labels are not that easy to read. It will be great to see labels featuring calories per serving and number of servings so that you can easily find them. The new labels will most likely be on products from food and beverage companies like Kraft Foods Inc., General Mills Inc., Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo. Inc. starting next year.

The goal of the program is to get you to make smarter food choices and thus improve public health. It sounds like a great idea to me. The labels will hae two parts. There will be a green check mark and the "Smart Choices Program" label for foods that meet certain nutritional requirements within some categories. The other part will highlight the calories per servicing and the number of servings per container.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Isn't everyone just about sick and tired of hearing about bailouts? No one bailed us out years ago when we had financial problems. Everyone just worked it out. Now everyone turns to the Government for help. What's the matter with these people? Do they think the Government is an entity in itself? It is you, us, me-the taxpayers. Everyone has their handout. Just how much money has our Government got to spend on bailouts. Actually NONE. Our Government is so deep in debt now, I can't figure out where all these billions are going to come from, can you? Wake up America and let those that got themselves into their messes, figure out for themselves, how to get out of it. America is not going to shut down all over if GM goes bankrupt. All you hear is FEAR, FEAR, FEAR.

Turbocharge Your Ride

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I read today there was a 7.5 earthquake near Indonesia. It seems there a lot of them in that area. There was a tsunami warning out for a while but it was called off. They lost so many people a few years ago when that big tsunami hit them and washed thousands of people into the sea. Then they washed back up on shore and I don't know how they got them all buried. I would not want to live near a place like that. We'll take our chances with tornadoes. They are bad enough in the midwest.


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Christmas Trees

Which kind of tree do you enjoy at Christmastime, that is if you have a tree? Do you like to go out and chop down a fresh tree and tie it to the top of the car and bring it home and set it up? They always smell so wonderful but I have never had any luck getting them to drink enough water and they always got very dry.

So we finally decided to get an artificial tree and now I wouldn't have anything else. You can get so many styles of trees now and with the lights already on them. You can even choose the color of lights. I do love the fiber optic trees though and we have a small 2-3 ft one that rotates and changes colors. It has lights in the shape of snow flakes and stars besides lighting up at the ends of each bough. It is beautiful, easy to store and easy to get out the next year. It won't be long until it is time to put the tree up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Crude Oil

For the 17th week since July 4, gasoline has been falling below the $2 a gallon price in many states. The price of crude oil tumbled below $60 a barrel. This is a 20 month low. Light, sweet crude oil for December delivery fell $3.08 to settle at $59.33 a barrel, the lowest closing price since March 2007.

While consumers worried about a weak job market and slumping investments are grateful for the price relief, economic reports increasingly suggest they are hanging onto whatever savings they see at the pump. I know we are. We aren't buying anything we don't absolutely need. We drive less, buy less groceries and eat out less.

I think the reason the price is down is because the other countries are afraid we will drill and have more oil than they have and we won't buy from them anymore. In fact, if they would drill here, we could be selling oil to other countries and not putting billions into the hands of other countries who hate us. I think I saw in the paper this morning that crude is down to $56 a barrel now. We can only hope it stays down as they promise us higher heating bills this winter and where is all the extra money going to come from to pay these bills?

Cosmetology Schools

Are you the one who always did up everyone's hair when you were kids playing house? Did you like to cut your sister's hair, much to your mother's distress? All along you have wanted to become a hairdresser and now you have reached the time in your life when you are looking for the right school. You have come to the right place because you can check out all the information on cosmetology schools here and learn all about Regency beauty schools.

They have educated a great many students that are fine salon professionals. Many have exciting jobs such as working on cruise ships. There is no limit to what they can do with an education from Regency. Their students are much sought after. We have a salon right here in our area and it is one of the finest around.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veterans Day and Benefits

Yesterday was Veterans Day and all the Veterans from past and present wars were remembered. Many schools had special programs and we saw on television that many churches put on special dinners for the Veterans. My husband served in the Army in Germany.

The Veterans Administration has a new building and offices near us and we feel blessed to have them so close. We are able to get prescriptions for much less for the Veteran than you would have to pay at the drug stores. If you wish, you can use your own doctors for surgeries and things like that right here at home or they have a van that will take you to the nearest Veterans Hospital for free care. All blood tests and exams and orders for drugs are taken care of at your appointments here at no charge. That is a great benefit for Veterans.

Diet Pills

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Let Them eat Cake

A famous lady once said that and I am all for it. Do you love cake as much as my daughter does? Here is a delicious cake you can make anytime and enjoy with ice cream. With the Holidays coming, it is time to think about those big meals and desserts are the perfect finish to any meal.

Along with all kinds of pies, pumpkin, pecan, cherry, you can bake a great cake. They always go over well with the kids who seem to eat more cake and cookies than pie. What is your favorite dessert? It's time to get out those famous recipes we use once or twice a year on special occasions.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Winnebago Industries - 2009

Winnebago Industries has had a tough time of it, just as other car and truck manufacturers have. But they are hanging in there and it will get better. People love to travel and camp and with the high cost of hotel rooms and restaurant food these days, they can take their room with them and cook just like at home. I know just how good these units are because I worked there 25 years and saw them go through several ups and downs but they always came out ahead. They are the No. 1 maker and seller of motor homes. They are ready with their 2009 lineup and as usual are turning out gorgeous motor homes for families of all sizes. And for the retiree who sells their home and moves into one of the larger luxury homes, they have it made. They can go any where and see the United States at their leisure taking their home with them. Check out their motor homes. They are beautiful.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holiday Dinner

It is that time of the year again. Time to plan those big Holiday dinners with all that wonderful food. I know Thanksgiving is just around the corner and turkey is the main dish. But what would dinner be like without those wonderful mashed potatoes and delicious turkey gravy? Our oldest son just loves Thanksgiving turkey gravy. I guess that is because turkey is usually a once a year meal.

Often people opt for Ham for Christmas or we have a new tradition and that is pot luck. It makes a wonderful Christmas meal because there are so many great dishes by so many great cooks. Come New Years everyone will have to go on that diet again that we always try to do but never succeed :0) So bring on the mashed potatoes and gravy and lets all have a great meal.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pamela Anderson Moves into Mobile Home

Pamela's house is being refurbished and so she has been forced to move into a mobile home. But guess what? She loves it. She is the former "Baywatch" star and is adamant that she is having a blast in her new home, along with her two sons, Brandon 12 and Dylan 10. She says it is small but chic and perfect for her and the kids. We chose to live in a mobile home ourselves, and just love how comfortable and convenient it is. It is so easy to keep up. I'm sure her California house is gorgeous and will be even more so once it is finished.

Vacation Rentals

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

France Tries New Artificial Heart Technology

French scientists, in the race to build a better artificial heart, have turned to technology from satellites and airplanes to create a heart that they say responds better to the human body. The new device which was shown at a news conference in Paris, has so far only been tested in animals. Its makers hope it might one day help people survive without needing a human heart transplant.

American companies have already produced artificial hearts and scientists in Japan and South Korea are also working on versions. Above is a picture of an american artificial heart. The photo was courtesy of Abiomed. I believe England also is working on one.

However, the French artificial heart is the first to be able to determine its patients' needs and respond accordingly. And its maker is a subsidiary of the parent company of Airbus, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Co. "It's the same principle in the airplane as in the body," said Patrick Coulombier, chief operating officer of Carmat, the manufacturer.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Philippine Ferry Overturns and 40 Die

There was a sudden monsoon squall that overturned a crowded inter-island ferry in the Philippines. At least 40 people drowned and the coast guard said today that the captain and owner may face charges for sailing without a permit. There were seventy-six people were who rescued and taken to two hospitals after the Don Dexter Cathlyn was battered by winds and waves shortly after leaving port in central Masbate island for nearby Sorsogon province on Tuesday. This was according to the regional army commander, Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Sodusta. I wonder how many died outright of fright before drowning. I think I would have. What a disaster. Without a permit, they shouldn't have been sailing at all. That is catamount to murder.

Obama, U.S. Senator from Illinois - President Elect

We have a new President Elect this morning. That is Barack Obama. He was U. S. Senator from Illinois and has made the big step to President. Beginning in 2009, he will take over and we will see what changes he will make. He has talked about the fighting overseas, the health coverage for all Americans and many other large plans for Americans.

One man can't do it all, but he has a Democratic Congress behind him now and we will see what happens. It is always different when the President changes. How will it affect Wall Street? Everyone has so many questions and they all hope for the very best for all. The Bible says pray for those in charge of you, your leaders - so that is what we must do and pray for our country and our servicemen too.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Arkansas College Shooting

Four men were charged last week with capital murder and other felonies for the fatal shootings of two students and wounding of a third near a University of Central Arkansas dormitory. The officials said the victims may not have been the assailants' targets. Isn't that something?

The two murder charges against each defendant carry either the death penalty or a life sentence if convicted. The prosecutor declined to say if he would ask a jury for the death penalty. Two of the men were only 19 and the other two were 20 years of age and they also face charges of attempted capital murder, eight counts of terroristic threatening and gun violations. I am in favor of the death penalty and so is God.


I just found out that 97% of all dietsupplements don't work. I think I have bought about 50% of them already. They say that only 3% do work and this website has gone to all the work for you. They have checked out a great many diet pills and supplements and can tell you which ones really work. They can tell you the top three and what their store shelf price would be. Then you can order them online from them for a terrific savings. You can also see the rankings both by users and by their staff. Check them out if you are serious about losing weight and want something that is going to work.

Automakers are Seeking Expanded Federal Aid

U. S. automakers are seeking federal help beyond the money that Congress has made available for them They want this as part of a financial industry bailout and a measure to retool their assembly plants for more fuel-efficient cars. Where is this going to end? It has a tumble down effect. They bail out the top money lenders and then everyone else down the line wants to be bailed out too.

Dana Perino, White House spokeswoman, said the auto industry has talked to the Bush administration about funding on a much broader scale than the two programs approved by Congress earlier this fall. GM wants about $5 billion to $10 billion in aid from the government. Where is all this money coming from? The requests have come as GM and Chrysler LLC are discussing a potential merger.

You can't just keep throwing billions of dollars after billions of dollars, or can you? Where is all this big money coming from? It seems to me if we have that much surplus, then someone is already being overtaxed. But, get ready taxpayers. I'm betting all our taxes are going up. Something has to give somewhere.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is Your Caffeine Limit?

They have found that some people are very sensitive to small amounts of caffeine. There is even a small amount in decaf coffee, though most people are not aware of it. There is no equation to figure out how much you can stand. It can't be measured by weight, body mass, or gender or age. You just don't know.

I know my husband can stand very little, even if he drinks it in the early morning, it can keep him up very late at night. Some people really get the jitters from it. A professor who studied it said it increases urine output, opens lung passages and acts as a stimulant in the brain. This gives us that feeling of wakefulness or when we have to much we get shakey. Children and teens should try not to take in too much caffeine as it is so much better for their bodies to drink nutritious drinks such as milk and fruit drinks.