Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Mountain Pictures

I just never get tired of posting pictures of the beautiful Colorado mountains. They had a great many devastating fires there after we were there on vacation. Here you see one of the many places we visited in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Everything there was so beautiful, you just hated to leave it behind. We sure had a great trip and a good time while in Colorado.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Medical Tests

Sometimes it is a good thing to keep on top of your medical tests. My brother did not have a colonoscopy for 20 years. He had one today. They found 3 polyps. Two were quite large. They will test them for cancer. I read somewhere that all polyps eventually become cancer. My husband had a huge tumor in his colon that they were able to remove with no radiation or chemo.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes

There is so much grief being given to smokers today. They are banning smoking in so many places now. They say second hand smoke is just as bad if not worse than the regular smoke a normal cigarette puts out. Now there is a great solution to that problem for all smokers. It is the electronic cigarette. It only puts out a vapor instead of smoke and one of the neat things about them is that they come in many flavors of your choice. You can read all the testimonials of the happy smokers who have discovered the electronic cigarette. There are several advantages to using them, as well as, not producing harmful smoke. And that is that you can receive points for your purchases toward more of their products. You can also try the 2 new flavors made right here in the good old USA in Wisconsin. They were exceptional before but now they even have 50 more puffs per cartridge.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bath Time

Bath time is a lot of fun for little great grandson. He can play with his toys. I a sure he splashes a lot of water on the floor at the same time. It is fun in this hot weather to take a bath and play in water. He is always smiling and having fun. It doesn't matter what he is doing.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Duesenberg Auto

Our little town is the home of the Duesenberg Auto. The Duesenberg brothers invented this car in their little shop on Main Street. I remember seeing their building when we moved here but it has since been torn down and replaced with a new building. The town, however, has not forgotten these famous men. Every year, about the 2nd weekend of July, they have Duesey Days. There is a car show, lots of food vendors, plenty of fun for the kids and a judging on Friday night to decide who will represent the town as Little Miss Duesey. Our 6 year old neighbor girl has applied and I hope she wins. I want to go tomorrow morning and see her in the Parade. More of my family will be there and we have a good shady place to sit where we can see everything very well. There is a band tonight and tomorrow night there will be a dance for the adults. A good time is always had by all.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kids at Play

The great grandkids have so much fun on the farm. They love it when their cousins come to visit and play. Here one of them is showing off how well he can stand on his head. He was doing a pretty good job of it. A farm is a wonderful place to raise kids. They have so much room for running, playing ball, playing in the swimming pool and seeing the animals too.