Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY ice rink

Guest post written by Pheobe Tomlin

Last year one of our kids' friends parents made a homemade ice rink in their backyard. So of course the kids were there all the time. It was like we barely even saw them at all during the whole winter! Or at least during their winter break from school.

Well this year I'm going to try and make one myself. So I went online to try and find direction sfor as to how to make one and when I was doing that I found some clear wireless internet deals. I think we're going to switch over our internet service because of them and we haven't been happy with our old internet service for a while now.

From what I saw online, it seems like making an ice rink is going to be almost too much trouble, almost. But IÕm excited to ice skate on it myself because I used to do a lot of figure skating back when I was growing up. My husband I know is dying ot play some hockey on it too.

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