Monday, March 31, 2014

Gas Prices

Gas prices are really going up again. In my hometown, it is quite a lot higher than in the bigger towns. I filled up yesterday in the town where I go to church. I saved quite a bit per gallon. Then stopped at the Taco Johns connected to it. I brought home to grilled beef buritos that are each a meal in themselves. It was a beautiful warm day yesterday. Not quite so good today as rain this morning and wind warning all day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Television

Well it looks like my television set is going to bite the dust. The picture flutters all the time and no one works on them for miles around. My son-in-law has located a new one for me at a good price so I will be getting that. He knows how to hook it up too so I am happy. This one will be better than the one I have also. I am anxious to see it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Visit

After church today, I stopped in and had a nice visit with my brother. We have always been very close ever since we were kids. He gave me a bottle of Lipton's peach flavor tea. It is excellent. I think I will have to get some tomorrow when I go to the grocery store. While I was there a friend and her two little girls stopped in to visit him too. That was nice. It was a beautiful sunny day although the wind was cold.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter's Grip

Yesterday we had temperatures in the high 40's. Many people opened windows and let fresh air in. Much snow was melting and I watched it fall off the neighbor's roof. There is lots of standing water everywhere. Today we got some light rain and it changed to the biggest snowflakes. I think it has stopped almost by now. That is good. We have plenty on the ground as it is and huge piles. Everyone is very anxious to have Spring.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weather Reports

The weather reports aren't very encouraging. They have been saying we would be getting rain this morning and it would freeze on the roads making for even more dangerous driving than we have had already this winter. Then there could be about an inch of snow on top of that ice. Today it should reach 34 degrees. It is 28 degrees now. But tomorrow it drops to 22 and Sunday is to bounce back up to 40. That would be great. The roads have been so bad, I have stayed in a great many days this winter. Spring is really going to be welcomed by everyone this year more than ever.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1

Here it is, finally March but it isn't any warmer.  We have had at least 2, maybe 3 Polar Vortex systems go thru here and we are freezing.  It is 1 degree right now and snowing.  It snowed an inch yesterday and they say we will see some tomorrow too.  I pushed an inch of snow off the deck this morning so now it can add another 3" today.  I keep a shovel in the house because in past years, it has gotten so deep I could hardly get the door open to go out and get the newspaper.  So far I have shoveled some many days.  They sound like it won't start getting any warmer till Mid March.  I sure hope March goes out like a lamb and is much warmer and we get done with this cold freezing, snowy, blizzard, winter.