Thursday, July 29, 2010

Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis

If you haven't tried these, you should. There are 2 to a package and we love the Molten Chocolate Cake kind. However, they do also have a sort of spice cake too that is delicious. There is only 150 calories for each little bowl. But then we love to pile either homemade vanilla ice cream on top or lots of Cool Whip. Such a little treat with a great big taste. And not only that, but inside there has been a 75 cents off coupon inside each box and you can save the label for points for schools. I like to wait till double coupon day at the store to buy them and you almost get one free when you buy two of them. Yum!

Made in America

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

. Those are very important words to us - Made in America. It seems like everything we purchase is made in China these days or Taiwan or some other foreign country. Our little home town has gone through hard times the last couple of years. Due to the economy, people have had to move on to larger cities to find jobs. Store fronts became empty and special "Main Street" groups got together to help bring new businesses into town to fill those empty stores. They have done quite a good job, adding a furniture store, used clothing store, and computer repair store. However, there is much to be done as the flower business went out of business so that store front is empty again. The city leaders got together and have begun a drive and also begun work on our old theater. It has great historical significance to our town. When they cleaned the walls, they found original murals on the walls. This is going to be a great addition to our little town and help give the young people something to do since the bowling alley closed. I feel Rambler's Way is doing a marvelous job for America buying up buildings and getting people back to work in small towns. But best of all, everything in their woolen products are made in America. This is very important to me because too many companies have outsourced their work and put people out of work right here in our area. It so good to know there are still companies like Rambler's Way left that are loyal to America and doing good for us Americans. We are so proud of our Country.

Visit my sponsor: Made in America

Mexican Meal

We went out tonight for a Mexican Meal. My husband had been home for quite a few days and we stayed home due to RAGBRAI going through out town. They had blocked off all the streets we needed to go on to get uptown. So we took off with a few sprinkles coming down and when we came out of the restaurant it was still just lightly sprinkling. We had some great tacos and enchilada. They have a special Tex Mex Night and we really enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

Have you been trying to decide where to invest next? I know you want to keep your investments secure and sometimes it seems a hard thing to do. One investment that has never let people down for centuries is gold. By deciding to buy gold eagle coins, it is my opinion that you have made a wise decision. You have the United States guarantee that the gold in these coins is pure and that the content and weight are correct. They do contain a small amount of alloy that makes them stand up to the rigors of trading and makes them keep their wonderful beauty and value. Gold has been a safe investment for centuries and keeps its value. Everyone loves gold.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Peach Pie

My neighbor gave me a dozen fresh peaches picked right off the tree. Oh, are they good eating. I took some of them and made them a fresh peach pie. My husband doesn't like peach pie made from fresh peaches. He likes the ones I make from canned peaches. I surprised the neighbors and they were very happy to get a warm homemade peach pie. It is fun to surprise people and make them happy.

Aquatic Center

Our son has a new aquatic center that has been built just a block from their house. How lucky can you get? I am sure it will raise his property value and his taxes though. That's not always so good but if he decides to sell, it will be a good selling point to have the pool so close. The kids go there every day. Swimming pools aren't like they used to be in our day.

Transunion Settlement

Have you ever had your credit information compromised? I haven't, as far as I know and I hope I never do. However, it seems this company did just that with a large number of Americans and now there is a lawsuit and a settlement fund has been set up. They have very experienced lawyers in charge of the Transunion Settlement. Those people who applied for credit between l987 and 2000 may have a claim. It is important that each fill out a form and send it in and see if they qualify for a payment. I would be more concerned myself about having my private information given out, than receiving a settlement. Of course, if it cost something back then to straighten out your credit, that would be different, wouldn't it?

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Dog is Stroke Victim

I didn't realize that a dog could have a stroke. However, my friend's dog did just that. It happened last night and she gave her dog an aspirin. Then today she took the dog to the Vet and he said that was the best thing she could do. That the dog would be ok. It will lay around for awhile and she has to carry it outside to do its duties, but it will get to walking again. She is eating so that is a good sign too. I am glad my fiend didn't have to put her dog to sleep.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dogs Barking

We have a number of big dogs in our neighborhood. Once one starts barking, they all seem to join in together. I got a couple of things that are supposed to give out a high pitched noise when they bark. Once they realize that their barking is the cause of the painful high pitched noise in their ears, they are supposed to stop barking. We have only had them about a week but at times it really seems to be working. I am just not sure yet. I do hope it slows down the barking, especially at night so it doesn't interrupt our sleep so much.

Buy Gold Bullion

How are you investing your money? Do you have a great deal in the stock market and are biting your nails now that things are not going your way? In these times of recession, a person gets confused as to what to do with their investments. However, one way to preserve your wealth is to buy gold bullion. But you want to be sure and investigate to be sure you are buying from a good legitimate business. I always go to my computer and check out the Internet when a question such as this comes up. I know I will find what I need and before I invest my hard earned cash in gold, I wanted to know more about it. I found it is one of the very safest investments you can make as it keeps its value and generally grows in value.

I was paid for this post. I gave my honest opinion and it was not swayed in any way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weather Changes

My husband mowed the lawn even though it was quite wet. If he waited till this afternoon it would be too hot for him to mow. I took the clippers and clipped where ever he couldn't get with the mower. We have a bank behind the house where weeds grow quite tall and clipped them all off too. We used to have a cottonwood tree and there are gobs of little cottonwood trees growing in the flower bed. I pulled as many as I could but it gets to you in the heat standing on your head pulling little trees and weeds. It is supposed to get very hot and then thunderstorm overnight into tomorrow. We have to travel about 25 miles from home tomorrow so hope we do not get any hail with the rain.

Our Trip to the Lake

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

We decided to take the kids to the lake last weekend. We had a ton of things to take with us on this trip. It felt like it took me forever to get the car loaded up and ready. I was sure it would be worth it. We set the home alarm system with a simple click and got on our way pretty early. We showed up at the lake around 11:00 am. We had plenty of time to spend there doing stuff. We went down to the water and played in the sand for a long time. Our oldest daughter wanted to get right in the water. She went out just to get her feet wet and the little one was following her right away. We all had a great time splashing around and playing for hours. We cooked out hot dogs that evening. It was a fun trip. We plan to take them at least one more time before school starts in August. I plan to take some tubes next time that we can float in on the water. That will be relaxing and just add to our good time. I can't wait to go again in a few weeks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Discount Click Online Marketing Services

Are you struggling to get enough paying visitors to your website? I know everyone is trying hard to increase their search engine traffic but it is not always happening. I know it is a huge job to do mass mailings for your online business and you do not have the time to do this. However, if you check out the Internet you will find there are those companies that specialize in this and will do a great job for you. It is their business to efficiently manage and mail thousands of mailings to your email list. Wouldn't you just love to have hundreds of mailings sent out continuously and they would be able to rotate them so that your prospects would not always get the same ads over and over? This is a great way to increase your business exponentially.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Does anyone else out there like to do surveys? I enjoy doing them and I also enjoy it when you earn money or points for something you really want. I am saving right now for a new electric can opener. I almost have enough points to get it. Mine quit on me last week and I got out my old one and it died too. I had purchased an easy open hand can opener 2 weeks ago and I am glad I did because I am using it now and it has a big handle to turn so is easy to work.

Gold Coins

There is nothing like the feel of gold coins rolling around in your hands. Everyone loves gold. Gold rings, gold watches, gold artifacts are just a few things people love made of gold. However, when you get right down to investing in gold, you can buy special gold coins or ingots to put away for safe keeping. You know your investment is safe and will grow most likely, rather than shrinking away like the stock market. By checking into the Internet, you cannot only find out where to buy gold but also where to store it safely, if that is what you wish. Perhaps you would like it delivered directly to you first and then decide where to keep it.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Heat Index

The heat index has got to be way over the top. It says here on my computer that it is 87 degrees but feels like 94. It feels like over 100 to me. I do not like the heat. You can dress warm when it is cold but you cannot undress enough to be decent when it is too hot. Our poor little dog, Holly, is panting and panting. She finally lays down and stretches out in front of the register and floor fan and cools down. She drinks lots of water which is really good too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cattlemans Restaurant

We love to go to Cattleman's restaurant because they always have good food. They do a good business in a small town. Thursday nights are TexMex. However, if you want a steak or chicken or almost anything else you can get that too with a big salad bar. Wednesday nights now, they have a buffet with thee entrees and they change them every week. I call ahead sometimes and see what they are. No matter what it is, it is delicious and we have our favorite waitress. She even comes over and visits us at home sometimes. She is a sweetheart.

Article Alley

Have you every drawn a blank when writing on your blog? I know I have, but in checking through the Internet, I found some help. Did you know you can find all kinds of informative articles on so many subjects of interest that you can write about on your blog? I didn't realize just how much advice and information was available until I spent some time checking it out. For example, have you ever wondered what kind of Sweet things to say to your girlfriend? If you tend to be romantic, you may need some good suggestions to make sure you say the right things. Girls can interpret your words in unexpected ways and may not understand them the way you meant them. Are you a joker but want to have fun and yet compliment your girlfriend in just the right way to make her happy. I found a great many suggestions on just what not to say, as your girlfriend may take them the wrong way. That is the last thing you want to do and you surely do not want to hurt her feelings inadvertently when you thought you were complimenting her. It can be a touchy thing depending on the mood she is in. It can always be good to get other people's advice on what they have said and done in the past.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I saw the cutest little puppies in the pet store this morning. I had stopped in to buy some Shed Stop to put on Holly's food. They had several little puppies that looked just about like this. This one belongs to our granddaughter and her children. I love little puppies. Isn't this a cute one? His name is Maxwell.

Getting To Know My Half-Sisters

The author of this guest post is Jim Nagle

I recently found out that I have three half-sisters. This was amazing news that I learned while digging around on my hughes wireless internet. What made it even more amazing was that they’re still in junior high school. I’m already in my mid 30s, so this was unexpected. The bad news is that they live several hundred miles away. I still haven’t met them. I would like to try to do so, but my wife is actually trying to block that event. She feels as though I’m paying more attention to my biological family than my real family. This might be the case for the time being, but it’s temporary and simply relates to just finding out about them. I think this is a normal reaction, and it’s one that she has to learn to understand and accept.

Getting back to my half-sisters, I would really like to get to know them. I have always been a younger brother and have never had an opportunity to be an older brother. I think it’s pretty neat and I would like to guide them any way I can – when they want the guidance. I have three half-sisters, but I have connected with one of them more than the others. I guess it’s because we have similar interests. We write to each other every day via hughes net satellite internet, and I’m always looking forward to her messages. My ultimate goal is to get to meet her and my other half-sisters. I just hope they’re not disappointed in me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Season Tickets to my alma mater

Guest post written by Chace Hering

There’s nothing more that I love than cheering along to my alma mater’s fight song during a basketball game. But I have to say that I’m fortunate people in my family have always gone to the same college so that I inherited the college basketball season tickets my father bought up when they first built the new arena. The seats aren’t the best, but they’re still in the lower level, which means that people would kill for these seats even if their cost leave me feeling like an amputee.

During fight song during a victorious senior night game this past season, I was having trouble keeping up and hearing the words to the song. I decided then that if I had trouble hearing thousands of students and fans roar out that song that I should probably look into getting a hearing aid. My wife helped me look at digital hearing aids and we picked one out that my doctor recommended. I have a while before I can officially test it out at a game, but I’m sure I won’t miss a beat again in showing school spirit again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Pastors

Our Pastors are in England right now. They are teaching on the Father's Love. They do a wonderful job of this and many people are healed of past hurts in their lives. We are happy to share them with others around the USA and the world. They have been to the Ukraine and the pastor there is coming here in about 6 weeks. We always enjoy hearing him so much. We had a visiting Pastor Sunday and had a marvelous service. The Holy Spirit was really at work in the service. We enjoyed it so much.

Jacksonville Cosmetology School

Did you know that Regency started 50 years ago? It started in Minneapolis, just 2 hours away from us. We have wonderful Regency salons in the towns around us. They are continuing to grow and now have a Jacksonville Cosmetology School. They specialize in all the services you expect of a fine salon and it is easy to get on the Internet and find out the information you desire if you are looking to cosmetology as a profession. Their Career Services Team works directly with the students. They also have a job placement service that is user friendly. Just think you could even be working on a cruise ship. Wouldn't that be a dream job?

This is my personal opinion from information furnished to me.

Waterproofing the Deck

It is that time of year again. Time to get out the waterproofing stuff and spray the deck. This will help preserve the wood from the weather. My husband does this every year. Our deck is getting pretty old so we need to take good care of it. I had to sweep all the little seeds off it first that came from the big tree nearby. The sun dries it quickly and the wood absorbs it quite fast. You can tell it does the job because when it rains, the water bubbles on top of the wood.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Blacktop

The landlord had new blacktop put on part of our court's driveways. There were so many trucks, I didn't think I was going to get out to get the mail. The bits of blacktop stuck to the tires and I could hear it hitting the underside of the car. I really need to take the car in and get it washed good. My husband says the bits of blacktop will be under the car for a long long time.

Buy Gold Coins

Perhaps you have never thought to buy gold coins. You have invested in property, the stock market and bonds. And what has happened during this recession? Perhaps you have "lost your shirt" so to speak, and lost much of your investment wealth. It is not too late to invest in gold, something that continues to retain its value and often gains in value. Over the centuries, civilizations have known that gold was a valuable commodity and would not lose its value. It can be purchased in coins or ingots that are convenient to keep in a safe storage. In that way you know your wealth is protected and preserved.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foot Doctor

We went to a new foot doctor today. My husband has had some unusual sensations in his feet and we wanted to find out if it is serious. He will have to have more tests by a neurologist to see how his nerves are reacting. We found out that other problems in your body, such as your back, can cause problems with your feet. Once we know what the problem is, we will be able to get him the right shoes also.

Keeping Your Home Safe

This post was written by Janet Wharson

With summer upon us and the children on break, many families will be taking a well-deserved vacation. Protecting your home while traveling is extremely easy, if you follow these general steps. Prepare for your travel, at least two to three weeks in advance. You will find that as the vacation date approaches issues will pop up. By taking starting to secure your home early, home security will not be one of them. Stop the delivery of newspapers and mail for the length of your vacation. Fold a note card in half and put the sentence. ‘Do not leave any advertisements at, on or near the door.’ Tape this near the handle of your door. Usually when the local pizza or Chinese delivery canvassers see this, they will not leave flyers at the door. Ask a trusted neighbor or family member to check on the house every three or four days. Show them how to set and disable your home security system. Also, give them any passwords associated with the system. Give the security company the name and telephone numbers of the person to be contacted during an emergency. Set all instead and outside timers. Finally, once the time to leave has come, set your home security alarm before leaving the house. Moreover, enjoy your vacation knowing your home is safe, secure, and being monitored by adt security in Michigan.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Facebook Photos

It is so much fun keeping up with our family on Facebook. I love to look through the albums when I am not busy posting. The great grandkids are growing up so fast. I am happy that we get to see 4 of them quite regularly now that they all live in Iowa and Minnesota instead of Texas. They post a lot of pictures so you can see their progress. They are even more fun than grandchildren I think. The grandchildren have all turned into adults.

America's Favorite Gift Cards

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was just checking out my calendar for the month of July and I can't believe how many birthdays there are. I like to buy gifts but it is getting to be such a hassle to know just what the person would like. Then you have to find the proper wrapping paper and do not forget a pretty bow for the gift. It is just getting to be too much work for me so I checked out the Internet and I found FriendGiftr a wonderful site where I could get both physical gift cards or I could even send real digital gift cards to all those on my birthday list. They have 120 merchants to choose from and I think the best part is that they can be exchanged for a different gift card from any one of those 120 merchants if they do not like the one I sent them. It will not cost them a dime to do that. What a lifesaver. We have a wonderful Cabela store not far from us and both the guys and gals on my list love to shop there. My best friend's birthday was in March and I had an awful time finding her something she would like. It seems when we get our age, we have everything and if I could have sent her a gift card, she could have picked out something she might have been wanting but didn't want to spend the money on right then. Gift cards are truly so easy and a real life saver. I love them.

Visit my sponsor: America's Favorite Gift Cards

Pizza Night

Yay! I don't have to make supper tonight. We are going to the Pizza ranch for supper. They have the most delicious broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, mac & cheese, chicken fingers and a great big salad bar. Not only that but they have all kinds of pizza, cheese sticks and dip and dessert pizza, called cactus bread. When we go in they ask what kind of pizza you would like and if they don't already have it on the buffet, they will make one for you. Also they will make apple or peach cactus bread instead of just the plain cinnamon streusel one. I can hardly wait.

Abandon Your Home?

We are really living in a topsy turvy world today. The recession has touched every single family in the United States in some way. Many people have found they no longer have a job they had for many years. They have no income either, or they are living or trying to exist on unemployment. It is bad enough that they can't make their car payments but they have had to cut back on the everyday things in life such as food and clothing. However, the greatest obstacle in many people's lives today is their mortgage. What do they do? If they cannot pay the mortgage, is it lawful to just abandon their home and walk away? It would be a good idea to check with American Residential Law Group before you do that. Not many people realize that once you leave your house, the mortgage holder can sell your home and you may be responsible for the loss or difference in money between what it was sold for and what you owe. If you are broke now, how are you going to manage to pay that if it happens to you? You better check out the law before you take any drastic action such as walking away from your home and letting the chips fall where they may.

It Is Too HOT!

I went to the stores today and the bank registered 90 degrees. There isn't a whisper of wind outside at all. A person could die out there in that sun I think. They are doing some blacktop patching in our court and you pick up the pieces of blacktop on your car and can hear it hitting on the bottom of the car. My husband says we will never get rid of it. I suppose since it is so hot it just adheres to the underside of the car. My husband wanted to mow today but first it was too wet from the dew and now it is just plain too hot to survive outside. Thank God for air conditioning.

Moving Time

Guest post written by Jonathan Atwood

My husband is in the military and so we recently had to make a PCS move. Our move has been one of the easiest by far. Before we left our old home, that we are renting out we had called to let our phone, internet, and tv providers know that we were moving. When I made the call, I asked how to bundle CLEAR internet. All of the companies were so helpful and the same day we arrived at the house, our internet and tv man came and got everything set up for us in a timely manner. Our phone service all we had to do was call our provider and they got it transferred to a new phone number for us, since we changed area codes. I really think our son loves our new house as he keeps running through it smiling. I think our dog doesn't really know what to think, as we had always lived in the same house since we first got her. I am just really glad that our back yard is fenced in with plenty of room for our son and dog to play together. Our walls are the exact same color that our old home was, so I am glad that all of my decor will match. Moving into a new home isn't too bad after all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Major League Baseball Tickets

When you are anxious to go to a major league baseball game, you want to get the best tickets possible. You want a great seat where you can watch every play and not miss a thing. It pays to check out the Internet for the best tickets and also get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Going to the games is the highlight of so many peoples lives. Baseball is the all American game. Everyone loves it. The excitement of home runs and hits into the grandstand is something spectators look forward to.

We live not too far from Minnesota so the Twins are the favorite around here. With a new stadium to play in, everyone is eager to start the season.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We had a family get together today out on a farm. It was hot and humid but the wind was good and kept you fairly cool. It got kind of cloudy too and that helped. We put our chairs under the shade of the apple tree and visited with a nephew and his wife from Indiana. They brought their daughter, her husband and 3 kids. The kids all have red hair. Cute. We had 4 great grandchildren there today, 4 grandchildren and 2 children. It was a huge crowd with every kind of food imaginable and soooo good. We are tired out, wind blown and ready to push back in the Lazy Boys and watch Cops and America's Most Wanted.