Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Dog Pen

The neighbors aren't the only ones who got a new home.  It was all rebuilt from the bottom up.  Their black Lab also got a newer yard.  He was starting to get out of the old one and they didn't want him to get run over.  He has a nice building to go into when it rains or snow.  Will also have a heat lamp to stay warm this winter with his blankets.  They take wonderful care of him.
He's got shade in the summer and shelter in bad or cold weather.  It's really nice.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun in the Pool

It was a very warm day.  It was a great deal of fun to play in the new swimming pool.  Now it is so cold you would freeze.  However, on this day it was hot and muggy and a great day to play in the pool.  Had lots of food and snacks too.  Every
one had a great time.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


It was one of the last warmer days yesterday.  I decided it was a good day to go out to the cemetary and bring home some of the things. I have a big shepards hook with an artificial basket of flowers that got quite well beaten up by the wind. My neighbor went along to see what she wanted to do at her husband's grave.  They are bringing their nameplate next week.  I put a couple of fall flowers out and took along 2 winter flowers (all artificial of course) and had her put one on her husband's grave and I put one on my husband's grave.  I think it is nice to see something out there so people know someone cares.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jack's Munchie Meal

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jack in the Box for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How many times have you partied the night away or been visiting a long ways from home and found yourself starving in the middle of the night and every restaurant you knew was closed for the night?  I assure you it has happened to us more than we care to remember. 

However,   Saturday, we spent a very long day planning a party and baby shower quite a few miles drive from home.  It was out in the country besides and a long ways from someplace to get some real food.  We had alot of those snacky things, crackers and dips, cake and fruit but you know how it is.  You just want to sink your teeth into something really tasty like a Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger and now Jack in the Box has everything you could wish for from 9 pm to 5 am Jacks Munchie Meals.  You get everything you need for $6 and they have 3 other choices besides the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger. 

How about some Chicken Nuggets with Ranch and Bacon and lots of cheese melted over them, or a Brunch Burger with a fried egg and crispy hashbrowns, or an Exploding Chicken sandwich with cheese sticks and gooey white cheese sauce plus mozzarella for the cheese lover. I can't wait to try the Exploding Chicken sandwich and all of these great meals come in a box, ready to eat at any hour of the night. Be sure and check these out and Like Jack in the Box on Facebook or Follow @JackBox on Twitter.  Check out this video.

 photo jacks_munchie_meal-closed_box450pi_zps2aa10f38.jpg Finally there is a great place to get a delicious late night food.

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Fall is Here

It is definitely feeling like Fall now.  We had some unusually warm weather for a while.  You didn't know whether to put the furnace on in the morning or not as the nights got cold.  Then by late afternoon you had to turn on the air conditioner to cool off the house so you could get a good night's sleep.  Yesterday we had our first frost.  I decided it was time to start bringing in some of the bird feeders and rain gauge to be stored over the winter in the garage.  The neighbor mowed the lawn the other day and think it will probably be for the last time this year.  It has been unusual to get so much snow so early in South Dakota and that is just too close to Iowa.  The Almanac is saying a very harsh cold winter with lots of snow. I hope they are wrong.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Adopting children is such a wonderful way to give little children a new wonderful life. .  It is especially wonderful when they did not have the best months of the beginnings of their lives.  But now they are with a family who loves them very much and they won't remember the hard times they went through.  What a blessing that is.  They make a total now for me of 15 great grandchildren and another will be born in November making 16.  It is amazing to live to see so many of your great grandchildren and watch them grow up.  The oldest is 16 now already.