Monday, October 18, 2010

Foliage, Family and Fun

Guest post of the week by Roscoe Harris

Fall is always one of the most beautiful times of the year here in Pennsylvania. On the weekends, my husband and I like to spend the day out in the parks with our dog, Nunzio. We walk for miles along the Allegheny Bike Trail and take in the wonderful sights and scents of the changing foliage. Both avid photographers, we take hundreds of photos of ourselves, the dog, and the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

After a long hike, it's time to get home, scrub the dog's paws, and have a long soak in the hot tub. As we lay there in the bubbling water, we gaze up at the stars and listen to music, or talk softly about work, our plans for children soon, or our next home renovation project. When it's time for dinner, we usually make something quick, pop up a huge bowl of popcorn, and settle down on the couch for some satellite TV from We massage our sore muscles, go through the photos on the laptop, eat, and enjoy a movie or two. Fall is our 'together' season.

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