Thursday, December 26, 2013


Had a wonderful Christmas.  Lots of family and food.  Neat gifts too and got to hold newest great granddaughter.  She is a month old and so cute.  Took 4 generation picture and many others.  Kids had a hey day opening their gifts. Adults had a great time too.  We had some rough weather in the morning but the sky turned blue and sunshine and it was really nice the rest of the day.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We are having a spell of pretty good weather.  It is actually in the 30's.  After many days of way below zero wind chills and cold temperatures, we can enjoy some sunshine.  Although the sun doesn't make it any warmer, at least it melts some of the snow pack.  The roads got a real blast of snow yesterday and the snow stuck wherever the sun melted what was left on the road.  It made for dangerous travel for many.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Brunch

I have been invited to a nearby town for a Christmas Brunch Saturday morning.  I am very excited about going as will be seeing a good friend and also a daughter there.  I sure hope it doesn't snow.  The back blacktops are not the best.  Actually the highway is just getting fairly decent.  I am looking forward to going as I know it will be a lot of fun.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bitter Cold

We have bitterly cold weather here.  But we are very blessed in that we do not have freezing rain as some states are enduring.  We also don't have snow but I am sure it is on it's way next week.  The sun is out but it doesn't do any good as far as warming things up.  The North wind takes care of that. I heard there are hundreds of people in the hospitals all over with frostbite.  You just can't stay outside very long.  It's so had to breathe too for those with COPD.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  There was so much delicious food.  We played some really fun games and had so many laughs.  Of course, then it was time to bring out the cameras and take the pictures of all the families.  They always do a funny one too.  I never know what to do in that one. A granddaughter wanted a picture of her two grandmothers kissing her so that was different.  A good time was had by everyone.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


I sure miss my little Holly.  She was the best little Boston Terrier we ever had.  And we had quite a few of them.  She trained so easily and learned tricks.  She leaves a big empty spot in my life.  I would love to have another but then you have to have someone watch them if you want to go anywhere for long.  It comes a time in life when it is better not to have a pet unless it is a cat.  They seem to go a long time without much attention where it is different with a dog.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Birthday

Today is my brother's birthday.  I only have one brother and enjoy treating him on his birthday.  After church, went and got lunch and took it over to his house.  Also took a funny card and presents.  We had a great visit.  We watched a funny TV show I hadn't seen before.  He was ready for a nap by the time I was ready to leave :0)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Raking Leaves

I don't know about you, but I don't rake leaves anymore.  That is one advantage of getting older.  It seems the wind was very strong on Sunday and blew all the neighbors leaves onto my lawn.  Last year a fellow came along with a riding mower and bagger and picked them all up.  I wish he would do that again.  We are to get rain today and snow is north of us.  We know it won't be long and the snow will be here.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Dog Pen

The neighbors aren't the only ones who got a new home.  It was all rebuilt from the bottom up.  Their black Lab also got a newer yard.  He was starting to get out of the old one and they didn't want him to get run over.  He has a nice building to go into when it rains or snow.  Will also have a heat lamp to stay warm this winter with his blankets.  They take wonderful care of him.
He's got shade in the summer and shelter in bad or cold weather.  It's really nice.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun in the Pool

It was a very warm day.  It was a great deal of fun to play in the new swimming pool.  Now it is so cold you would freeze.  However, on this day it was hot and muggy and a great day to play in the pool.  Had lots of food and snacks too.  Every
one had a great time.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


It was one of the last warmer days yesterday.  I decided it was a good day to go out to the cemetary and bring home some of the things. I have a big shepards hook with an artificial basket of flowers that got quite well beaten up by the wind. My neighbor went along to see what she wanted to do at her husband's grave.  They are bringing their nameplate next week.  I put a couple of fall flowers out and took along 2 winter flowers (all artificial of course) and had her put one on her husband's grave and I put one on my husband's grave.  I think it is nice to see something out there so people know someone cares.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jack's Munchie Meal

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Fall is Here

It is definitely feeling like Fall now.  We had some unusually warm weather for a while.  You didn't know whether to put the furnace on in the morning or not as the nights got cold.  Then by late afternoon you had to turn on the air conditioner to cool off the house so you could get a good night's sleep.  Yesterday we had our first frost.  I decided it was time to start bringing in some of the bird feeders and rain gauge to be stored over the winter in the garage.  The neighbor mowed the lawn the other day and think it will probably be for the last time this year.  It has been unusual to get so much snow so early in South Dakota and that is just too close to Iowa.  The Almanac is saying a very harsh cold winter with lots of snow. I hope they are wrong.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Adopting children is such a wonderful way to give little children a new wonderful life. .  It is especially wonderful when they did not have the best months of the beginnings of their lives.  But now they are with a family who loves them very much and they won't remember the hard times they went through.  What a blessing that is.  They make a total now for me of 15 great grandchildren and another will be born in November making 16.  It is amazing to live to see so many of your great grandchildren and watch them grow up.  The oldest is 16 now already.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Jack Hackman andMetropolitan Theater

The Metropolitan Theater in Iowa Falls dates back into the 1900's.  It was very well known as a beautiful opera house.  It had 3 floors and the third floor was for dancing.  It drew people from miles around and still does.  It has been totally redone and updated and Jack Hackman, actor and producer was in town for the red carpet opening gala.  He brought his family and took his boys fishing in the Iowa river while there.  Everyone said he was so friendly and they loved him.  The ticket money went to the expansion of the Iowa Falls hospital.  A good time was had for several days in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

High School Class Luncheon

Our graduating class decided to start having lunch together every 6 months.  All are invited and whoever can come will show up.  We have had it at the same place now for a year and a half.  So they decided it was time for a change.  We are going to meet this time at the Golf Course building.  I hope they are able to arrange a good lunch as all were getting tired of the same sandwiches each time.  I wasn't sure about going the first time but the more you go, the more you enjoy it. So I am looking forward to it.  It is my home town so I will have time to stop and see my sister too before leaving for home.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I have quite a number of great grandchildren now.  It is fun to watch them grow up.  4 of them were born quite close to each other.  You can see in this picture 3 of them.  They really get along great.  I hope they always will.  The oldest have started Kindergarten now.  Time flies by so fast.  Next thing you know they are graduating and going to college.  It goes faster than you can imagine.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Isn't it great that we can take photos everywhere these days.  If you don't have a camera with you someone with a Smartphone will take pictures and send them to you.  We were delighted to visit with relatives from another State on their way to vacation with their kids.  My daughter took this picture in the restaurant.  We were having great food there and conversation.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heat Wave

We have been having an unusual wave for this time of the year.  We have been in drought so long that dry leaves are falling off the trees.  It was supposed to be much cooler today.  Now they say it will cool off tomorrow.  I feel sorry for all those who have to work outside all day in this terrible heat.  I keep the shades pulled to keep out as much of the heat as possible.  It really keeps the air conditioner running.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Car Repairs

It really pays to keep your car in good repair.  Regular oil changes are a must.  Besides that they check over everything and check your tires.  Tires tend to go up and down in pressure depending on great changes in the weather from cold to hot and back to cold.  My back window decided to fall open so took it into the garage.  A part had broken.  Got it fixed and so happy to be driving my car again with windows that work.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fish Fry Today

Our neighbor tries to have a neighborhood fish fry once a year.  He is quite a fisherman and catches a lot of yellow bass.  He fries them up in bite size pieces and it is just delicious.  Then the invited neighbors bring the rest of the pot luck dishes and desserts and everyone has a great time.  They have set up a screened in tent this year under  a good shade tree.  We have been having way above normal temperatures and today the wind is to switch to the NW and start cooling down for a day or two.  It is 72 now and I see the trees are beginning to move a little.  It will be a fun day with good food.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Waiting for Big Sister

It was the first day of school.  Their big sister started Kindergarten.  She gets to ride the bus to and from school.  She loves school and also the bus ride.  Here you see her little brothers waiting in anticipation for her arrival home.  They get so excited they scream with delight when they see the bus coming.  Next year her one brother will start pre-school, then I wonder how little brother will feel.  He will really miss them both alot I am sure.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Neighbor's Dog

My neighbor has the cutest little Pappion.  Anytime I call him, he comes running to have his ears scratched.  He is so cute.  If the neighbor just says my name, he gets all excited and wants to come over.  He knows I will scratch his ears and pet him.  He is such a little dog but he just loves snow.  He will take a running jump right into a snow bank.  He will jump in the last piles that are left in the Spring.  He's so funny.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I celebrated my biggest birthday yet.  There was all kinds of great food.  All my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were there.  Several friends joined in and extended family.  A good time was had by all.  Lots of visiting and eating.  A gorgeous birthday cake made of both chocolate and white.  It was a big day and I sure had fun.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


My oldest son is staying with me this week.  He has done a bunch of little odd jobs around the house for me. He has fixed some things I would have never thought of.  Got both screen doors to close properly.  Helped me clean out the liquid softner in the washing machine that was all plugged up.  Put in new light bulb I couldn't reach.  We are having fun eating out at different places too.  Having a good time.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old Family Pictures

It is a great deal of fun to look back at old family pictures.  I remember the day we brought the twins home.  My husband was so very proud as you can see here.  They are fraternal girls but seem to often think alike.  They are having a weekend shopping together.  There is that "twin" connection and they need to get together every now and then.  Now that that their families have grown so much they don't get as much chance to do that but once a year they spend a weekend Christmas shopping.  I am really glad they can do that.  I used to go along until my knee gave out and I had to quit.  I know they will have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Weather

I know it is July and Iowa is hot in July.  However, I hate the hot weather.  It is 91 and over 100 indices so feels even more hot.  Hot weather is usually good for the corn but it needs more rain to go along with it.  We haven't been getting enough rain.  Only 1/4 inch Saturday.  The lawns are drying up already.  They say we are going back into drought conditions again.  That isn't good.  The beans look so good right now.  I have heard they need a certain amount of rain in August so hope we get it.  The corn is getting so tall.  You have to watch it on corners as you can't always see other traffic.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Water Fun

An easy way to make fun for the kids in Summer is to turn on the sprinkler.  They love to run thru the cold water over and over.  It is so much fun.  I remember doing that when I was little.  We really enjoyed it when the weather got hot and humid.  Out came the bathing suits and away we went to play in the sprinkler.  It was nearly as much fun as playing in a small pool of water.  It is wonderful weather for kids to play outside and get lots of Vitamin C.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Went to this little town that has the #1 pyrotechnic crew in our State. The fireworks were fantastic.  They were the best I have ever seen in my life.  And I have seen a lot of fireworks in my years.  It was a little different in that now they are going to computerized fireworks.  But that is the way to go because they just kept shooting them off so fast and it lasted at least half an hour.  Terrific!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jaws - The Shark

Here you see my little great grandson playing with his "Jaws" shark.  They got a new swimming pool and the kids are really having a good time in it.  It has been quite warm so it is good weather for playing in the water.  They are taking swimming lessons too so this is nice for them to have.  I think it great for all children to learn to swim when they are young and they can enjoy it all their lives.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Home

The neighbors are going to turn their single mobilehome into a double wide.  They will be bringing the second home in on Monday.  One of the things they had to do was make their dog's yard smaller.  He still has a good house to sleep in and room to run.  He loves to run to the fence when he sees a rabbit or other neighbors across the way.  Here is his new pen.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mexican Lunch

I stopped at Taco Bell after church.  I wanted to get something for lunch.  Decided on a stuffed grilled beef burrito.  It was huge.  I couldn't believe the size of it.  Much larger than Taco Johns.  It was very good.  I have also been seeing a pecan apple salad wrap advertised on TV at ARBY's so went there and got one of those for supper tonight.  I hope it is as good as it looks on television.  It is nice to have something different for a change.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bad Weather

Businesses were destroyed last night by tornadoes.  A great family restaurant just 17 miles from us was completely demolished.  No one was in it, which was great, as no one was hurt but there is nothing left but trash of the restaurant. We loved to go there on Thursdays for their TexMex.  They had a wonder buffet Wednesday nights and Sunday noons.  You could always eat free on your birthday too and they had a big menu so you always found something you liked.  There were straight line winds in some places, farm buildings destroyed in places, great big trees uprooted.  Many tornadoes were caught on camera and cell phone.  It was a seriously bad night.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mobile Homes

Our neighbors are going to get another mobilehome and join it onto the one they live in.  It will be quite a project.  They will have a nice double wide when it is finished but I bet it will take a lot of work.  The present one will be disconnected and they will move into the newer one.  Then the old one will be completely redone inside and out and then joined with the newer one.  They have 4 children who are getting quite big and it is very crowded in their present home.  It will be great for them to have a larger, updated home.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Drought is Over

Not only is the drought over in our State but it can't seem to quit raining.  It rains nearly every day.  There has even been water across the main Interstate causing traffic to detour.  Bridges have been washed out or collapsed and gravel roads are in poor condition in many places.  So many homes have been flooded.  Rivers are out of their banks in so many places.  We were so happy to see the rain after 2 years of drought but enough is enough now.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fun for the Whole Family

What could be more fun for the whole family than a good safe trampoline?  They got theirs set up last week and the great grandchildren are busily playing on it.  The youngest hasn't been walking all that long but he is doing quite well.  He is really concentrating on the job of walking on the trampoline.  Now that he is walking, he is running, as well.  He has so much fun with his sister and brother.  I love to stop and see them because they come running with big hugs for me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Broken Rib

My brother fell and broke a rib.  He fell awhile back and bruised some ribs and it took awhile to mend.  This will take even longer.  It is hard for him to sleep as every move wakes him up.  They used to tape people up so they didn't breathe deep to let the rib heal.  Now they find it is better to just leave it alone and let it heal itself.  He's going to have several weeks of pain before he gets over this one.  Hope he doesn't fall anymore.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heat Wave

We have had the worst Spring ever.  So much rain, snow in May and cold temperatures below normal.  Now today they say we are going to hit 90 for one day.  The humidity is going to be so low there is a burn ban out.  Then tomorrow it will drop 15 degrees and be back to whatever is normal around here. The problem with such a high temperature as 90 means severe storms could develop.  I sure hope not.  We haven't had normal for a couple years it seems.  The next door neighbor mowed my lawn for the first time yesterday and it wasn't really very tall yet but it is nice and green.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Christian Concert

Have you ever been to a CARMAN concert?  If you haven't, then you are really missing out.  He writes much of his own music and his performance are electric.  I have been to several and would love to go to more.  However, he has been disagnosed with an incurable cancer and given 3 to 5 years to  live.  He wants to do at least one more concert and it will take $200,000 to do it.  Won't you help by going to this website  Every pledge will help him to complete this wonderful project.  Check out the gifts you can receive also by pledging to this cause.  Thank you.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Birds are Back

I saw a beautiful oriole at the hummingbird feeder on May lst.  I had just filled it and was so glad I did.  I got the finch feeders filled and ready too.  Today the first Goldfinch is out there eating.  Both birds are so beautiful.  I just love to watch them.  The hummingbirds should be coming soon too, usually around Mother's Day they always say.  The 10 inches of snow is all melted away now.  That was a shock to have all that snow two days in May.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

Can you believe it?  We have 10" of heavy wet snow on the ground and more coming down.  It fell overnight. Global Warming - my a_ _.  Who is kidding who? Al Gore became a multi millionaire selling this and he is sooooo wrong.  In all my years, I have never seen snow like this in May.  It is breaking down trees, shutting off lights and it is so heavy, it is a real job to shovel.  Thank God it is May and if the sun could just come out it would melt fast.  It has melted where it has been shoveled off. It is only 35 degrees.  It was 72 the other day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Visit

It is a beautiful sunny day today.  It is 55 degrees already and that is really something compared to the weather we have been having so far this year.  We have been running way below normal and began to wonder if Spring is going to skip us this year.  I am going to go visit some classmates today.  Then, I will go visit my sister and her dog, Daisy.  Daisy always gets so excited to see me.  She's a neat dog.  If I have enough time on my way home I would like to stop and see a sister-in-law in a nursing home who is 92.  Her 89 year old sister just died about a month ago.  She also has another sister who is 94 in Dallas.  Lots of longevity in their family.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wall Street

Have you been watching the news?  I do not remember the stock market being so high.  They say it has been, but I do not remember it.  Anyway, being over 14,000 is really something to me.  I am sure a great many retirement plans have really recovered from the big losses they had.  I was just listening to the news last night and they said it was the way to go and not buy gold.  Gold has been losing value and people have lost a great deal of money investing in gold and silver.  I thought I heard him say one billionaire wasn't a billionaire anymore due to all his purchases of silver.  Something to think about.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Windy and Wet

April has turned out to be a rough month weatherwise.  We have had all kinds of snow.  Now we are getting lots of rain.  The wind will blow you away.  Had to wear raincoat this morning with hood and boots to go out to get the paper.  Still got wet.  My gloves were soaked.  Good day to stay in and look out the window.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bus Trip

We are to go on a one day bus trip this week.  It sounds like the place where we are going is going to have 6 inches of snow.  They also said that driving was not advised and would be almost impossible.  I am wondering if they will cancel the trip.  I think they should if this materializes.  Seems there have been many bus accidents already this year with a great many injuries.  Guess we will see in a few days what the weather brings.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Children and Easter

We all know we celebrate Easter because Jesus died for us, rose again and is in Heaven interceding for us.  However, we also combine hunting for Easter eggs for the great grandchildren.  They get very excited.  We had a wonderful service at church and then a great dinner after.  Then the kids looked for the eggs.  Hid them in plain sight in the house.  It was a sunny day but too wet and cold outside to hide them outside.  The kids had a great time, as did we all.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daily Devotional

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was really good. It is always good to start out your day with a daily devotional.  We do not spend enough time reading the Bible.  There is so much in it for us to learn.  And it is alive.  Everytime you read it, you see something you missed.  Perhaps you daydreamed for a second and read a verse and didn't comprehend what it meant.  However, the next time you read it, it really speaks to you.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I think it is time they retired that groundhog.  Here it is the first day of Spring and everything is covered with snow.  Not only that but the wind is blowing and the wind chill is below zero.  It is only 18 degrees outside.  The only good thing about it is that the sun is out most of the time.  Also, the furnace works good and the house is warm.  They are even talking more snow this Sunday.  If it snows again Saturday night late into Sunday, it will be the 5th week in a row.  I know most of the time it snows in March during the boys and girls basketball tournaments in our State, but this is ridiculous.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


It is a beautiful sunny day.  We have had so many cloudy days this month.  Along with that we have had a couple real snowstorms.  It seems like there have been snow showers inbetween too.  Freezing rain and sleet are no fun at all.  Keeps me home in the house where I know I won't slip and fall.  The ER's are full of people who fell on the ice or were in car accidents.  Spring is just around the corner and we can hardly wait.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It is time for lunch and then time for a nap.  Their Mom always gives them very healthy food.  You can see by the picture that they are the picture of health.  They have good appetites.  My children were often kind of picky about what they wanted to eat.  But it seems mothers are able to get their little ones to eat more of a variety of foods that are good for them.  Fruits and veggies are always good for them.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Town Restaurants

Our little town is finally getting quite a few places to eat.  It is so nice to have a choice instead of just one little restaurant.  We now have a Mexican  place that is doing a very good business.  It took awhile to take off but now they have added an addition to another small town just north of us and doing well there too.  We have a Hardees which always has a big selection of burgers, etc. and of course, there is Subway.  Along with those there is a new Chinese place the last couple of years and it is finally picking up and we were there yesterday and they did a good business.  Next to it is an American Expresso Cafe, where you can get any kind of coffee, latte, cappicino and sandwiches of all kinds and salad..  The bar across the street has great hamburgers among other specials and Friday night fish.  The Pizza Ranch is a favorite of everyone too as they have a huge salad bar, pizza, cheese sticks, broasted potatoes and chicken, BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables and all winter, hot soups of all kinds.  If you can't find something you like, you better cook at home.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


My daughter makes the best enchiladas.  I made them the whole time they were growing up.  I am glad to see others taking over in the family.  There is just nothing like homemade.  You can put all the meat/bean mixture in them and then add shredded cheese.  I love lots of chopped onions and taco sauce inside mine.  Then good enchilada sauce poured over the top of them and you have a delicious meal.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Great Grandchild

This is my latest great grandchild.  She will be one in a few months.  What big blue eyes she has.  She is so cute. She looks a great deal like her Dad.  She has a big sister who is three and lots of cousins.  She looks a lot like my baby picture, which is amazing.  She makes 13 great grandchildren for me now.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I rarely have visitors.  Today, however, my brother and his friend are coming over.  We are all going out to lunch.  I haven't done that for awhile.  It will be doubly enjoyable.  We're going out for Pizza and more at our favorite place in town.  They have a wonderful buffet and more than you could ever eat.  Sure looking forward to it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

Just take a look at the beautiful flowers my son-in-law got for my daughter on Valentine's Day.  He brought them to her job.  What a beautiful gift.  My husband was never one to do that.  In 61 years, he bought me 2 boxes of chocolates about 40 years apart. All the girls in the office got flowers but me.  It was a real downer day and I still don't enjoy it.  I am happy for those who do.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow and Wind

Overnight we got about 2" of light fluffy snow.  The winds are howling at 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 45.  My daughter drives 15 miles to the next town.  She said it was a tough drive.  It is about 26 degrees so there won't be any melting going on.  The neighbor had to go to the doctor in another town and she said the snow is really blowing across the highway.  However, driving wasn't too bad.  It was supposed to let up by noon but now it sounds like it is an all day windy day.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Are you signed onto Facebook?  Do you have hundreds of friends?  Do you ever think people write some of the dumbest things on there?  A man once said if you have one true friend in your life that will do anything for you, then you are indeed lucky.  So what good does it do to have 350 friends on Facebook.  I don't like some of the things they say and the cussing.  A lot of it is garbage. But I check in every day to see if there happens to be something good on there anyway.

Monday, January 28, 2013


We got a bunch of freezing rain and sleet on Sunday.  Everything is a skating rink outside.  I don't think I will even go after the mail as the driveway is very slick and it is probably just junk mail anyway.  The mailboxes are quite deep so would hold a lot anyway.  We have extremely thick fox too.  Started last night and they say it is going to last till tomorrow.  Then we may get some snow.  Snow on top of the ice won't be good either.  I see the neighbor has been scraping ice off his sidewalks for an hour now.  Also scraped his driveway.  It's no fun.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold Weather

My husband always hated the cold weather.  He dreaded winters.  He worked outside most of his life.  I know he got very cold so much of his life that he just hated it.  He is dead now so he doesn't have to suffer anymore of these cold winters.  Last year wasn't so bad but this year is making up for it.  It was -3 a bit ago and now is up to zero with wind chills that are dangerous.  They say just 10 to 15 minutes outside with bare face or hands and you will have frostbite.  Not a happy prospect.  Good day to stay in and enjoy the warmth from the furnace.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Future FootballPlayer

Here is one of my little great grandsons.  He's gotten a new cap made like a football.  He is probably the next generation of football players.  His big brother looks like he could play football too.  If they get tall like their Dad, they will be great basketball players.  For now, they have a lot of fun playing with the football and basketball and also a soccer ball, so you never know. Time will tell.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Taco Tuesday

I have been joining my brother for Mexican at Taco Johns in the town where he lives.  They have a special on Tuesdays where the tacos are about half price and you are not limited to how many you buy.  It is a very busy lunch time there so we try to get there early.  This week we need to go on into a bigger town next door to make some Christmas gift exchanges, so we will go to the Taco Johns there.  Their food is delicious no matter which one you go to.  We look forward to Tuesdays.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

White Christmas

We got our white Christmas.  It is still white and very very cold.  This is the coldest it has been in a few years.  The last two winters spoiled us as they were so mild.  This year is a whole different story.  We have had dense fog too a couple times.  The trees were covered with hoar frost and were just beautiful.  It was very cold over New Year's but we got out and had fun anyway.