Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PlayStation MOVE. All opinions are 100% mine. It would certainly be a dream come true if suddenly a PlayStation Move dropped into our lives from out of nowhere. It is about time that all the couch potatoes in our house got off their seats and got moving. Today people just do not get enough good exercise and this is a great way to do it and have tons of fun at the same time. The kids can bring in their friends and play the games they like and we can bring in our friends and play those game we love most. I just learned that we can get the Move bundle for only $99. You can't beat a deal like that. Friday nights are family night at our house and this will bring a whole lot more excitement into it. Our favorite would be the Brunswick Pro Bowling as we have always loved to go bowling every chance we get. However, we have so many golfers in the family, they would be so thrilled to get the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 game and compete against each other. Besides all the competition, we all would be getting the much needed exercise we could all use from the oldest down to the youngest in the family. Our boys are always trying to outdo each other in one way or another and this would be a great way for them to compete against each other. I love the easy to handle controller. Another good thing about the variety of games is that it doesn't matter that the kids have more experience at gaming than we do, there are plenty of games for those of us who haven't played as much. That makes it easier for us to compete with each other and the kids too.

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