Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We have been waiting all day for thunderstorms. The air is so heavy you could cut it with a knife. I just watched the weather channel and it looks like it is headed our way but going to break up and miss us. We could really use some rain. The ground is beginning to crack open. The grass quit growing nearly 2 weeks ago now.

Monday, August 30, 2010


I finally saw a hummingbird yesterday for the first time in months. We were beginning to wonder about them. I took down the feeder and washed it out real good. Then I made up a new batch of hummingbird nectar and filled it. Now we are anxiously watching to see the return of the hummingbirds again. The orioles love that feeder too and we saw several this Spring but none since. The finches are coming to feed so I guess we are getting closer to Fall all the time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buy Gold

Did you know that you could buy gold for a safe investment for the future. It will ensure that your wealth will be preserved for the future as it keeps its value and grows often in value, as well. I found on the Internet that I could purchase gold directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau and they would handle my purchase professionally as they have a very dedicated staff working for them. They have the expertise to help you find a safe depository for your gold and it may well be your very own home town bank. Or, you may wish to have your purchase sent directly to you. Whether you choose to buy gold bars, gold coins or bullion, you can rest assured that you are investing in something that will stand the test of time and remain valuable. Everyone loves gold, that is why gold jewelry is wanted by so many.

Birthday Party

The neighbors are setting up long tables and many lawn chairs outside on their driveway and in the garage. They are getting ready to celebrate 2 birthdays. They have 4 children, plus themselves and used to have a birthday party separately for each one. It just got to be too much so they decided to combine 2 birthdays at each party. The grandparents all come and they have quite a crowd and BBQ burgers and hotdogs and have a great time. It is fun to see a family having fun together.

Football Time is Here Again

It is football season already. It seemed to me that it had just ended when it began again. My husband is a real football nut. He loves to watch the college sports on Saturday and the pros on Sunday. There is a neat game on the Internet where they send us the listings for each week and he can pick who he thinks will win the games. It gives him a little something extra to do every week to see how good he is at guessing the winning teams. It is a lot of fun for him. Sometimes he does very well and then other times not so good.

Gold Bar

For centuries, people have known the value of gold. The Inca Indians were said to have made everything out of gold. We learned a great deal about them in History and I wish I could have seen some of the things they made out of gold. In checking out the Internet I found that a gold bar is just one of the ways in which you can purchase gold. There are also gold coins, as well. You can purchase directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau and they will ship it to you directly. However, if you do not feel secure in doing that, they will assist you in finding a safe depository in which to store your gold bars. You can rest assured then that your future wealth is protected.


I remember my first bicycle. I got my first paper route when I was 11 years old. My brother was 8 years old. We walked many miles along the west side of our small town of about 7,000 people, delivering papers. Our company then started a program where we could put $1 a week for 40 weeks into a savings and receive a new Schwin bicycle. What a wonderful day that was when that bicycle arrived. It made delivering papers so much easier.

Dogs Barking

It seems as though the number of big dogs is increasing in our neighborhood. We used to have just one big lab who is the best friendly dog. Then the neighbors next to them moved in with 2 big dogs and have added another puppy. Behind us our neighbor moved out and another moved in with a dog. Then his nephew moved in with him and brought his dog. They have them in pens, which is good because they are not supposed to let them run loose. Now I see they have two more small puppies. It wouldn't be so bad but they bark at night.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I don't know if you are familiar with bullion or not but it is a very good way to invest your wealth in order to keep it for the future. Both gold and silver bullion can be purchased and sent directly to you. Now is the time to buy gold as it has been owned by people for centuries because they knew how valuable it was and how safe an investment it is. It keeps its value and most often grows in value too. Right now silver is in great demand because they are using it up faster than they can mine it. It has so many uses. And gold is used in so many beautiful items of jewelry, watches, diamond rings, necklaces and much more. There couldn't be a better time to invest in gold or silver than there is at this time.

New Neighbors

It looks like we will be getting some new neighbors in the future. We live in a really nice mobilehome court. The homes are not in rows as most of them are. We are in a cul de sac with 3 other homes. It is nice because it is dead end and you don't have traffic going by all the time. The new home site is being prepared now so it will be a while before they get the cement poured to set a home on. It will help cut off more north wind in winter, I am sure.

The History Channel

Do you ever watch the History Channel? I have watched it in the past at times but not lately. My oldest son was telling me that they are having some very interesting programs about the universe. He has been watching it on a regular basis. It will be on tomorrow morning for 3 hours of programing on the universe, asteroids and planet changes. I am going to tape it and watch it as it sounds very interesting.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Military Degrees

It is very important today to get a college education. Often young people join the armed services without thinking about going to college. However, even if they are in the Military, it is possible to obtain online military degrees. By simply checking into the Internet, I found that it is quite easy to fill out a form by zip code, degree and subject and find a school you would like to attend online. If you are out of the service and a Veteran, you may find schools that will even give you a discount on the costs. That goes for active Veterans too. You may have credits that can count against your tuition too. There is a lot of information out there to check out.

Holly, our Boston Terrier

Well it is almost time for Holly's checkup at the Vet. She gets her nails trimmed and they check her over good. She will get her flea treatment too. First of the month, she gets her heartworm medicine. I need to give her a bath again soon. I also need to pick up her dog food. The kind I get is really good for keeping her teeth nice and clean. She has good teeth and that is important to their health. She will be 11 years old soon. She is the best dog we have ever had.

New Cars

My husband is always looking at the new cars on television. He would love to trade our car for a new one. I think we have a great car now and no car payments. Why would you want to trade off a car that is paid for in exchange for big car payments? I will stick to my idea of keeping our car as it has low mileage and runs great. We have no need of a new car and we sure don't have need of a car payment.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gold Coins

Have you been giving your investments a great deal of thought lately? I know I have. I have been wondering where I could invest that would be more safe than some of my present investments. I heard awhile ago about gold coin. I had not thought about purchasing gold until I saw that on television. They said that buying gold was a very safe investment and generally grows in value and protects your wealth. You can buy gold coins or bullion, as well. You can also get help finding the safe depository of your choice. The U.S. Gold Bureau is a great place to learn about safe investing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Strange Happenings

I heard on the news this morning that they think the moon is shrinking. I am not sure how they could tell that is happening. I am not sure I believe it at all. I know the earth tipped a bit on its axis which was unusual due to a huge earthquake we had but I can't imagine why the moon would shrink. Is it possible it has moved a bit farther away from the earth. I really would doubt it. It will be interesting to follow this story and see what else they have to say about it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Air Conditioning

Finally we are giving the air conditioner a couple days rest. We had to put new insulation on the pipe going into the house. It turned out to be an easy job. My husband put some tie downs on it today to make sure it stays in place. I am sure it will assist the air conditioner too. The humidity has dropped but it is now up to 84 degrees so I suppose we will have to turn it on again soon. Our little dog, Holly, gets so warm. But she is stretched out on the floor now in front of the fan and she is content.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Homemade Apple Pies

I made two homemade apple pies. One was for us and one is for my niece. She is coming by today to pick it up. I made them yesterday and we started on ours yesterday. It was so good, we couldn't leave it alone. It was a lot of work but since it turned out so delicious, I am tempted to make another. The last one just disappeared way too fast. Hope our niece enjoys hers as much as we did. :0)

Need a New Bedroom Dresser?

We have had our furniture I think since the time of wagon trains. Not that it is old, but no one has this kind of furniture anymore. It is more than time to throw it all out and start over. Since we spend a great part of our lives sleeping, we will start with the bedroom. I dropped a wall clock on top of our dresser and it has a hole right in the top of it. Of course, I cover it with a pretty dresser scarf so no one will know. What we need is a new bedroom dresser and we need it as soon as possible. I was checking out the Internet and I found some wonderful rustic furniture for the bedroom that would make a delightful change in our lives. The beds are beautiful and I have to make a big decision as to which one to get. And along with that night stands and of course there is a great selection of dressers. I just need to decide which one I want most. They are all so beautiful. I really like the Red Wood Hickory Barnwood dresser with 4 drawers. That would store a lot of clothing. However, the Eastern Red Cedar dresser with 6 drawers would be even better. Now to sit down and choose my new bedroom furniture and get it ordered.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Fun

Pictured here are our twin daughters and their older brother. We had a party and we really had a good time. We went to a very little town that has a fantastic restaurant. There was quite a menu from sandwiches to melt in your mouth steaks. We started of with some very good onion rings and lots of pop. A great meal was had by all and finished up with delicious birthday cake.

United States Gold Bureau

Were you aware of the United States Gold Bureau? If you are interested in precious metals, they are a great source of information. Everyone is concerned today about their portfolios as many are not doing so well these days. Here you will find information on gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals for investment. For centuries, people have known that gold is a very valuable commodity that keeps its value and often increases in value as do other precious metals. They are ready and willing to help you with all your investment needs and are an authorized dealer of the U.S. Mint. That should put your mind at ease right away. You can choose to place your precious metals in safe depositories or have it delivered directly to you.

Tackling the First School Supply List

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

My daughter was about to enter Kindergarten, and this would be my first year of buying school supplies. I received the list of necessary items from the school, and it was just as extensive as all the stories I had heard from other friends. I had to laugh at all the required items one needed for Kindergarten now, but on the other hand I knew budgets were always stretched thin and in the end, this was a way to help the school. I made notes on my list so I would not forget any of the specifics, and got ready to load up on markers, crayons, tissues, erasers, notebooks, folders and so on. I knew taking my daughter would make the process twice as difficult, so I left her with the neighbor to play. I set the adt canadaalarm system alarm prior to leaving the house and headed to the closest Wal-Mart. I had hoped to get everything from one store, but the list was quite specific on certain items and I determined there would need to be a trip to Target as well. I felt organized for my trip, though as soon as I got home I realized I had missed a few items. I knew each year I would get a bit more efficient at this process.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Get Your Masters of Art Degree Online from USC

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pets are Family

Our little Holly is just like one of the family. She has learned to "talk" to us when she wants something. She knows when it is lunch time and she gets half a slice of American cheese. So if you don't stop what you are doing and start getting lunch, she lets you know about it. If you ask her if she wants "cheese" she will bark and get all excited. Before that, she will just make little noises, letting you know she is ready to eat. She also lets you know when she wants to go out by standing by your chair and "talking" to you. If things are pressing, she will get really loud and then you know you better get going and let her out to do her duty.

Academy awards are the best

This guest post from Hong Alexander

I love it when March comes around and it is time to watch another awards show on my and satellite tv deals channels. This is not an ordinary award show, this is the Academy Awards. This is the night that all the glitz and glitter comes out.

I love movies. I love to see if the critics agree with my choices for best film. We always disagree. I would love it if the viewers were allowed to vote for their favorite films, actress, actor, and so on. I do, however, give the movies that are nominated a chance and watch them. Sometimes I am surprised by how good one of the nominated movies is.

I loved it when Billy Crystal hosted the show. He always had me in stitches. He knew how to work the crowd, and he always started the show with a song and dance routine. I have not found one host since Billy Crystal that can live up to him.

I also love watching the Academy Awards because they show previews of all the movie nominees. They also show previews of the movies that the nominated actors and actresses are in. There is always a song and dance routine, and the show has singers singing the nominated songs.

Watching the Academy Awards is a good way to spend a Sunday evening when there is not much else to do.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Golden Corral is a Great Dinning Experience for Big Eaters Like us

Golden Corral is a Great Dinning Experience for Big Eaters Like us

Thanks for the post, Lorraine Gregory

When the work has ended for the weekend, our family enjoys heading out to our favorite restaurant, Golden Coral for a great selection of food. This place has a large variety of home-style foods and some specialty items not seen often at home. The all-you-can eat steak is great for those beef lovers. We turn on the home security system that we got from adt security in California and head out the door.

Any person can get a well-rounded meal at this buffet style restaurant. We always start with a salad, of course before heading the main dishes. Like me, my daughter enjoys the fine selection of meaty items and a good serving of potatoes. Vegetables are also important with the meal as long as it isn't too filling. They also have freshly baked bread, which tops off the meal.

The final treat to end dinner is the dessert bar loaded with cakes and pies. The soft serve ice cream still remains a family favorite topped with all the sweet goodies. It is an excellent meal for an affordable price for any family. It is also a great place to treat family and friends. The people working there are always friendly and the self-service buffet always great while dinning in a relaxing environment.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Get Fresh Internet Sales Leads

How much time do you spend looking around for new leads for your business? It does not matter whether you are in a loan business or an insurance business. You may be one that is in the mortgage business and that is quite a challenge these days isn't it? What you need are fresh leads and if you check out the Internet, you will find plenty of new leads every day and every week. You will be happy to know that your leads are 100% guaranteed to satisfy you too. Being able to easily get these new leads will take a great deal of stress off your shoulders and you can concentrate more fully on your business growth. It is an ongoing job to keep your business growing, especially in a more downward economy but with fresh leads, it is my opinion that you can overcome the obstacles that may be slowing you down.