Friday, May 30, 2008


My husband just went to get his haircut. His barber has been cutting hair for a great many years. He just took part in a State wide contest and won $500. He was one of 10 finalists. He is about 71 now and says he will keep cutting hair as long as he can. He enjoys the people. He always has a joke or two for them. He's fun to listen to. Sometimes I go along and sit and listen for the fun of it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


My husband said he planned to water all the flowers today. It had gotten so dry. He did that a couple days ago and took out a lot of the weeds too. The flower bed looks the best it has for years. But it started raining last night and it is still raining. It comes down in sheets and looks like a snow storm every hour or so. We have a rain gauge and it is filling up fast. Headed for 3 inches now. The winds are terrible. I can see big trees really swaying in the wind.

Thunder and Lightning

It has been thundering and lightning every since last night. The rain is just pouring down. Sometimes the rain gauge has gone up 3/4 of an inch in just minutes. We are running over 2 1/2 inches already in a very short time. It got so dark awhile ago I turned on the lights. The wind is really blowing too. We have been under thunderstorm watches for some time. At least it is down to about 59 degrees so we aren't likely to be having any tornados and that is a very good thing as Iowa as been targeted today for those. It is scary.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today is the day we honor our veterans and the men who are fighting now in Iraq. If it wasn't for all the men who have fought and died years ago, America wouldn't be the free country it is today. We can go honor our veterans, then have picnics, go to the lake or just be a couch potatoe today. It is a beautiful day after all the terrible tornadoes that went through SE of us destroying any homes in 3 towns and killing 8 people. They think Parkersburg was hit by an F5 which is the worst. Most of the businesses in this little town are gone, including the high school and city hall. Many homes are completely gone and 70 people hurt. But in small towns, people gather together to help. They have about 60 fire departments there helping clean up and do what they can. Alot of hands make light work is an old saying but they have an awful lot of work to do.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

UAW, American Axle Reach a Deal

American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc. boosted its wage offer and increased the payents it will give workers to take a wage cut as part of a tentative agreement. This could settle an 11 week strike by the United Auto Workers union. They had been offering a pay cut from $28 to $17 per hour for production workers, with a $90,000 wage "buy down" over three years to help workers make the transition to lower pay. The deal has not yet been presented to workers. It includes pay of $18.50 per hour and increases the size of the buy down. The deal is similar to what the UAW agreed to with auto parts maker Delphi Corp. last year.


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Friday, May 23, 2008

USDA Forbids Meatpackers to Use "downer" Cattle

Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a ban on meatpackers slaughtering cows too sick or weak to stand. This change comes in the wake of the nation's largest beef recall. It would eliminate an exception that allows a small number of so-called "downer" cattle into the food supply if they pass veterinary inspection. Those cows pose increased risk for mad cow disease and other infections. These cattle are already mostly banned from slaughter, but under current rules, they can be allowed into the food supply.

Investor Cheats His Own Mother

What would you think of an investor cheating his own mother? Pretty low, huh? Well Kirk Wright, age 37 of Marietta, Georgia is a former hedge fund manager. He was convicted Wednesday of leading an investment scheme that caused clients, ranging from former National Football League players to his mother, to lose millions of dollars while he spent the money on jewelry, real estate and a $500,000 wedding. He faces up to what amounts to a life sentence. His Atlanta company, International Management Associates, collected $150 million from thousands of client accounts.


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Leaders ask Why U.S. Plane Violated Airspace

This was reported from Caracas, Venezuela. They said Venezuela wants the U.S. ambassador to explain a violation of its airspace by a U.S. Navy Plane. This was according to the country's foreign minister on Monday. The plan was detected Saturday night near the Caribbean island of La Orchila. It was Navy S-3 Viking, used for counter narcotics missions. It may have accidentally crossed into Venezuela's airspace while experiencing navigational problems on a training mission in international airspace. This was according to a U.S. defense official who was speaking on condition of anonymity because of the issue's sensitivity.

Taliban Group Claims Suicide Blast Fatal to 11

There was a suicide bombing that killed at least 11 people at the gate of an army base on Sunday in the city of Mardan. A Taliban militant group has claimed responsibility for this on Monday. This was reported from Peshawar, Pakistan. The attack was carried out by a branch of Tehrik-e-Taliban in response to a Pakistani military operation nearby. There is just no respect for life by these terrorists.

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Ford Windstar Van Fires are Being Investigated

Does it seem to you that there is a recall of vehicles quite often? What is the problem? Where are their inspectors? Why aren't more of these things caught in the manufacturing plants? Now the Federal regulators are looking into 130 complaints that fires occurred in the engine compartments of the Ford Motor Company's Windstar mid-siz vans. This happened from 1995 to 2003 model years. There were 65 compaints that allege the speed control deactivation switch caused the fires. Scary isn't it?

AOL Time Warner Executives Charged

Some of the largest fraud cases are among the rich in companies. On Monday, the Feds said eight former executives of AOL Time Warner had fraudently inflated the company's online advertising revenues by more than $1 billion between the years 2000 and 2002. Of these eight, four have agreed to settle the civil charges brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by paying roughly $8 in fines and returning allegedly ill-gotten gains. I can't even imagine that kind of money, can you? It seems the more you have, the more you want, whether honestly gained or not.

Home Medical

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Selerines World: India : Are foreigners safe??????

Selerines World: India : Are foreigners safe??????

76 Trombones Led the Big Parade

It is Band Festival weekend in River city, alias, Mason City, Iowa. All the bands fro towns all around are getting ready for the big parade tomorrow. Some are even coming from other countries. It is a big 3 day event. Tonight carnival and food and crafts starts. Tomorrow at 10 the big parade starts and will be televised. Sunday more food, picnics, carnival, fun at the park. It is once a year in honor of Meridith Wilson who wrote "The Music Man".

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood won't be back as Dirty Harry but they say Angelina Jolie may want to try the part. They asked him about it at the Cannes Film Festival. He said no, but Jolie spoke up and said she might try it. Eastwood joked and said "Dirty Harriet and the Tomb Raider will play it. She is pretty good in rough parts. I wouldn't be surprised if she did play the part. I like to see her in movies.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Carnival Ride Crash

I seems we have heard about a lot of carnival rides have been falling apart. Many people have been hurt in just the last few days. It makes you wonder if they are just trying too hard to make new rides to scare you but that they are not safe. In California, a spinning chair ride collapsed, hurting 23 people, mostly children. It was called the Yo-Yo Ride. When I was young, I would have ridden any ride but now I don't think I would chance many of them.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Reunion

We are having a sort of mini family reunion tomorrow at a good restaurant. We have a room reserved so we can have 4 hours to visit. It is mostly Aunts and Uncles, with a few nieces and nephews thrown in. A niece is flying in tonight from California. We haven't seen her since she was about 8 years old which could be as much as 52 years. She is anxious to meet her family and get acquainted and we are anxious to see her. From the pictures we have seen, she looks just like a young version of her mother.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Chili Soup

I made a fresh batch of good old chili last night. Then when we got home from town this noon, it was already to eat. There is nothing like a good bowl of chili. Get out the bread and butter and crackers and you are all set with lunch. I like it when things are quick and easy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pizza Ranch Night

we went to the local Pizza ranch tonight and it was just starting to rain. By the time we came out though, it had stopped. The restaurant was just packed out. The buffet starts at 5:00 but one of the gals said people had come in at 4:45 and cleaned out all the chicken and they were hustling to make more. We waited in line 6 minutes to get fresh hot broasted chicken that is the best. Lots of pizzas and they made us a special apple dessert pizza so we had some of that too. Yum Yum, and no cooking and no dishes to clean up. We like to go every Tuesday. It is kid's eat free night so there were lots of kids tonight with their folks.

Dottie Rambo Killed in Bus Crash

Dottie Rambo was killed in a major bus crash and 7 others were injured. She was almost a Queen of Gospel Music. She wrote more beautiful Christian songs than we can even count. It is a terrible loss to the Gospel Music World. We will miss her a great deal.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Storms, Winds, Tornadoes

They say the number of tornadoes is way over what it was last year. And it has blown away so many homes and left so many homeless. Those who do have a home left, don't have electricity or anything else. One little town was completely blown off the map. So many people are dead. It is so sad and the storms aren't over yet. It is going to snow any time now in Denver again. And it is 70+ there today. Unbelievable isn't it?

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Flower Gardens

It is so nice to have perenials that come up every year. I got so tired of planting flower seeds, only to have to tear out all the dead ones in the fall and start over. So we started buying those that would come up every year and we have beautiful flowers before we know it with little effort. They are beautiful to see after a hard winter.

Mother's Day

It was a beautiful sunny day for Mother's Day yesterday. I received cards from all my kids, cash, steaks. I was taken out for lunch. Got phone calls from the kids. It was a very nice Mother's Day. I know they are all busy and have Mothers in their homes or are a Mother themselves so you really appreciate it when they take time to remember you because you remember how busy you were when you were their ages. I know they all had a nice Mother's Day too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

America's Most Wanted

Tonight is America's Most Wanted and we really look forward to watching this program. John Walsh does a great job on it and he lost a child of his own so he can relate to many parts of the show. They have captured a great many criminals and murderers thanks to this program being aired every week. And you can check it out during the week too on the Internet. They were going to take it off at one time and there was such an outcry they had to put it back on. I can't imagine anyone wanting to take such a good program off the air when they do so much good.

Friday, May 9, 2008

CSI NewYork

This is another of my favorite shows. I just love all the CSI shows. The gal on there with the beautiful hair is really something. She has a long, hard to spell and pronounce name but she is beautiful and she plays her part so well. The head man not only does good capturing criminals on the program but he does a lot of work in private life to help others. This show is always exciting and I always tape it so I won't miss an episode.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Palestinian Leader Pessimistic on talks

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad warned Friday that peace talks could collapse unless Israel changes course and accepts a more conciliatory approach in negotiations. Fayyad, in London for diplomatic talks, said Israel has not complied with any of the obligations set out at the U.S. backed peace conference in Annapolis, MD., late last year. He said, "Israel has failed to meet any of its obligations from the road map, including a freeze in settlement activity. Unless that changes, the political process is being stripped of its meaning." Fayad gave a highly pessimistic progress report after meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. I do not think there is any settling this matter ever.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NBA Playoffs

Well, the Celtics shut down LeBron James to win. LeBron James couldn't make a basket down the stretch or at virtually any other time. The Boston Celtics eked out a 76-72 victor over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night in the opener of the Eastern Conference semifinals. Kevin Garnett scored 28 points to make up for an off night for the rest of Boston's Big Three. James was held to 12 points on 2 for 18 shooting. He missed three drives and a 3 pointer in the final minute. Game 2 is Thursday night in Boston.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Condoleezza Rice Pushes Israel to Lift Restrictions

Facing Mounting Palestinian frustration at the pace of peace talks, the United States leaned on Israel on Sunday to lift restrictions that chafe West Bank residents and stifle an already limping economy. Secretary of State Rice did not directly criticize close U.S. ally Israel, but had unusually direct remarks about the consequences of Israeli housing and roadblocks in the West Bank. Palestinian claims that Israel is deliberately expanding Jewish settlements on land the Palestinians claim for a state, have dampened the high hopes for a peace deal before President bush leaves office next year. When asked about settlements, Rice said that she continues to raise with the Israelis the importance of creating an atmosphere that is conducive to negotiations.


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School Lean More on U.S. to Buy Lunch

Providing more fruits and veggies to kids in schools means relying on commodities. When was the last time you spent 50 cents for lunch? For millions of kids eating public school fare these days, it is just about every day. School cafeterias get up to $2.47 a student from the U.S. government to serve lunch. After expenses such as labor, transportation, utilities and equipment, schools are left with a little more than $1 to put food on a tray. Costs typically include 25 cents for a carton of milk, about 25 cents for fruit, and additional money if they also serve vegetables. About 50 cents is left for an entree. While many students pay for at least a part of their lunch, as the student contribution rises, the part covered by the government drops, leaving schools to cover the difference. It isn't hard to see there is trouble ahead.

Sales up for Toyota, down for GM, Ford

Ford and General Motors saw double digit U.S. sales declines, but Toyota's sales edged up 3 percent in April according to figures made public Thursday. High gas prices accelerated consumers' rush away from trucks and sport utility vehicles. General Motors Corp. said its truck and SUV sales were down 27 percent, while GM's overall sales were down 16 percent for the month. Ford said its SUV sales were down 36 percent in April, while car sales were down only 1 percent. Ford's overall sales were down 12 percent. Toyota said its car sales rose 12 percent, largely on the strength of the subcompact Yaris and the hybrid Prius. Toyota's truck and SUV sales dropped 8 percent. If gas keeps going higher and higher, more people will be looking for a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage, especially if you have far to drive to work and summer is coming and with it vacations.

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Freddie Mac: Home Equity Borrowing Down

In the first three months of the year, 56 percent of homeowners refinanced their mortgages and cashed out at least 5 percent of their equity, according to Freddie Mac on Friday. That is a four year low, and down from the peak in mid 2006 of 88 percent. Homeowner's inability to tap their home equity often affects their spending and investment decisions, which is why economists watch the rate so closely. From January through March, Freddie Mac said borrowers cashed $29 billion in home equity, down more than 19 percent from $36 billion in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Chevron Posts Second Highest Quarterly Profit

Chevron Corp. put yet another exclamation point on the oil patch's long run of prosperity Friday with a first quarter profit of $5.17 billion, or $2.48 per share. That was up 10 percent from net income of $4.72 billion, or $2.18 per share, last year. It was the second highest quarterly profit in the company's 129 year history and marked the most money that it has ever made during the January -March period. That puts the no. 2 U.S. oil company on track for its fifth consecutive year of record earnings. I wish the common people could make such profits. Wouldn't that be grand?

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Exxon Says Quarterly Profit was $10.9 Billion

Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, said record crude prices helped its first quarter profit climb 17 percent to $10.9 billion, the second biggest U.S. quarterly corporate profit ever. But the results fell short of Wall Street's forecasts, and Exxon Mobil shares fell 4 percent in afternoon trading. The company said earnings for the first three months of the year came to $2.03 per share, up from $9.3 billion, or $1.62 per share, a year ago. Analysts were expecting earnings of $2.13 per share. But at $10.9 billion, the profit still ranks as the second biggest for a U.S. company. The largest quarter was the $11.7 billion that Exxon Mobil posted in the final quarter of 2007.

Gas Prices Fall Friday, Futures Prices Higher

Retail gas prices fell slightly Friday,, the first time in 18 days that they haven't risen to a record. Analysts say pump prices may be peaking for the year. Oil futures, meanwhile, soared after Turkish air strikes on Kurdish rebel bases in Iraq injected some supply concerns into the market. The national average price of a gallon of regular gas fell 0.1 cent overnight to $3.622, according to a survey of gas stations by AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. That is the first time since April 14 that retail prices have fallen. Diesel prices fell 0.2 cent to a national average of $4.249 a gallon. I guess we are lucky here that we are paying $3.479 and diesel is just over $4 I believe.

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SLA Member Must Stay in Prison says Judge

A judge refused to free a former l970's radical and longtime fugitive who was sent back to prison days after state corrections officials released her by mistake. Attorneys for former Symbionese Liberation Army member, Sara Jane Olson, failed to show that corrections officials acted illegally and that Olson herself should have realized she was being freed too soon. Olson's lawyers had argued that corrections officials had no authority to re-arrest her after she was mistakenly paroled March 17 after six years in prison. She pleaded guilty to the attempted bombing of Los Angeles police cars and to the killing of a customer during a l975 bank robbery in suburban Sacramento. She had lived as a fugitive in Minnesota for 25 years until her capture in l999.

Goodyear Swings to Profit in First Quarter

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. said Friday that it swung to a profit in the first quarter by focusing on higher priced tires and strong international markets. Goodyear always have had excellent tires. We have always felt they were very trustworthy. The company does say it will cut tire production in North America, where sales have been sluggish. That is really too bad. We need the jobs in this country. The results from Goodyear, the world's third largest tiremaker and No. 1 in the U.S. beat Wall Street expectations and its shares rose 6 percent.

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Afghanistan's President Escapes Assination Attempt

There were three people killed, eight wounded in the attack at the ceremony in Kabul. Militants firing rockets and automatic rifles attacked the Afghan president at the ceremony on Sunday, missing their target but killing three and wounding eight others. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the assault that sent President Hamid Karzai and foreign ambassadors scurrying for cover, underscoring the fragile grip of his U.S. backed government. Gunmen opened fire as a 21 gun salute echoed over the capital at an anniversary ceremony to mark the mujahedeen victory over the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Wolf Hunting Begins Across Northern Rockies

Tony Saunders stalked his prey for 35 miles by snowmobile through western Wyoming's Hoback Basin, finally reaching a clearing where he took out a 1270 caliber rifle and shot the wolf twice from 30 yards away. Gray wolves in the Northern Rockies have been taken off the endangered species list and are being hunted freely for the first time since they were placed on that list three decades ago. Nowhere is that hunting easier than Wyoming. Most of the state with the exception of the Yellowstone National Park area has been designated a "predator zone", where wolves can be shot at will. Saunders had lost two horses to wolves and blames the canines for depleting local big game herds. I know how hard it is for people to understand how devastating they can be but they are.

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"Hee Haw" Star, Jim Hager Dies at 66

Jim Hager, one of the Hager twins who satirized country life wth cornball one-liners on TV's "Hee Haw", has died at the age of 66. He was in a coffee shop when he collapsed on Thursday. The show's producer, Sam Lovullo said he had been told that by John Hager, the surviving twin. The hospital gave no details on the cause of death but I believe I heard later on the news that he died of a heart attack. The Hagers were also guitarists and drummers and rose to national fame as original cast members of the TV show in l969. They had worked with country star Buck Owens, and used his connection to join "Hee Haw" when Owens signed as the show's co-host with Roy Clark. I am sure he will be mostly missed by his twin, John Hager, as there is a special connection between twins.

Dennis Rodman Arrested

There he is again. Dennis Rodman is in the news again and this time he has been arrested for an alleged dispute. Police said the 46 year old former NBA star was arrested last Wednesday night after officers answered a report of a domestic dispute. Rodman's manager, Darren Prince, told, that Rodman and his girlfriend had too uch to drink, argued, and Rodman grabbed her arm and left a bruise.He's one bad dude.

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Fewer Migrants Trying to Cross Border Illegally

There has been a drop in numbers from Mexico due to a U.S. crackdown. The sandy streets of Sasabe, Mexico, are empty. Migrant smugglers have to hunt for business at border town shelters. Many deported migrants give up after one try, taking up their government on free bus rides home. At last, a U.S. crackdown is causing the longest and most significant drop in illegal migration from Mexico since the terrorist attacks of 911. Officials say the U.S. economic downturn, tighter security and a more perilous and expensive journey are persuading many who try to sneak in the United States to give up sooner. This is indeed good news.

Bomb Attacks on Wedding Party in Iraq

A car bomb also went off in Baghdad as a U.S. patrol passed, killing 10. But in addition, two suicide bombers attacked a wedding caravan as it drove through a crowded market in a town northeast of Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 65 more. earlier in Baghdad, a bomb in a parked car exploded when a U.S. patrol went by, killing a U.S. soldier and at least nine Iraqis. The attack also wounded 26 Iraqis and two Americans. The attacked came amid heightened worries that al-Qaida in Iraq is regrouping.

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Lakers Hold on for the Win

Kobe Bryant made most of the shots that mattered even though he didn't view it as any great accomplishment. That is because there wasn't a hand in his face when he took those shots. Kobe, celebrating what is expected to be his first NBA MVP award, converted six of his franchise playoff record 21 foul shots in the fourth quarter and the L.A. Lakers held off the Utah Jazz 109 to 98 on Sunday to begin the second round of the playoffs. Bryant finished with 38 points, six rebounds and seven assists. The Lakes made it five straight victories to begin the post season after winning eight of their last nine regular season games to earn the No. l seed in the Western Conference. Go Lakers!!!

NBA Playoffs First Round

The Celtics crush the Hawks in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Kevin Garnett took a behind the back pass from Paul Pierce, slammed in the dunk to make the lead three dozen points. Then he slashed his hand across his throat to signal what the Atlanta Hawks already knew - it was over. It was so exciting. Garnett had 18 points and 11 rebounds and Pierce scored 22 points. The Celtics beat Atlanta with a 99 to 65 victory Sunday in Game 7 of their payoff series to advance to the second round.

Anxiety Relief

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Monday, May 5, 2008

NASCAR Sprint Cup

Dale Earnhardt Inc.'s Menard is picking up speed. Paul Menard scored his best finish of this young Sprint Cup Series season on Sunday but that didn't matter so much. Priority No. 1 this year for the 27 year old was to improve upon his rookie season and he and his Dale Earnhhardt Inc. team have done that week after week after week. He said they had the best Cup car he had ever had of that race last month. Rven finishing seven laps off the pace after an accident, his point was made. What makes it enjoyable was that they had a top five car. Even though they didn't get the finish, it was a confidence builder.

Cyclone Kills Thousands

A terrible cyclone has killed over four thousand people in the country once known as Burma. I can't imagine how terrible that must be. It sounds as bad or worse than the tsunami that hit Indonesia while back. Many people were killed there too. I think when I was young we used to have cyclones in our State and I remember the whole sky turned very yellow. My grandpa took us for a ride to show us the damage and in one place a corn crib was moved from one side of the highway over the fences to the other side. It was very scary.

Austin Truck Accident Lawyer

My brother-in-law had a terrible truck accident and it was not his fault. However, he had a terrible time getting his workman's compensation and disability pay. His family suffered a great hardship during this time and he had to travel long distances to various doctors to go over his injuries. His injuries were very serious. A truck had stopped and when he came over the hill, there it was. There was no stopping. Now if he had been in or near the City of Austin he would have been able to get help from this firm Austin Truck Accident Lawyer that is experience and dedicated to giving each client the finest help available. They are aggressive and get results. They have a well trained staff that is ready to help you get the satisfaction you need to solve your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Don't suffer along, fighting insurance companies on your own, get some real help. They are ready and willing to fight for your rights.

Woman Captive since l984

Now this is one for the books. Police have found a woman missing since l984. She told authorities that her father had kept her in a cellar for almost 24 years and that she had given birth to at least six children after being repeatedly raped by him. They took the 73 year old father into custody. The authorities had found the woman in the town of Amstetten following a tip. She told the police that her father began sexually abusing her when she was 11 and locked her in a room in the cellar on August 28, l984. During the 24 years that followed, she said she was continually abused and gave birth to six children. She said she gave birth to twins in l996, but one died several days later. Police said they are investigating. I want to know what happened to the kids?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

NASCAR- Kyle Busch Wins

Kyle Busch fell a lap down midway through the race, and after racing his way back into contention, needed an awesome save to keep himself from triggering a massive crash. Only this time, the crash happened behind Busch. Instead of leaving Talladega Superspeedway with a smashed up car, he drove into Victory Lane. He was very happy that he didn't wreck and was very happy about that. He was very appreciative that he was able to win today because it has certainly been a struggle for several years.