Monday, July 12, 2010

Season Tickets to my alma mater

Guest post written by Chace Hering

There’s nothing more that I love than cheering along to my alma mater’s fight song during a basketball game. But I have to say that I’m fortunate people in my family have always gone to the same college so that I inherited the college basketball season tickets my father bought up when they first built the new arena. The seats aren’t the best, but they’re still in the lower level, which means that people would kill for these seats even if their cost leave me feeling like an amputee.

During fight song during a victorious senior night game this past season, I was having trouble keeping up and hearing the words to the song. I decided then that if I had trouble hearing thousands of students and fans roar out that song that I should probably look into getting a hearing aid. My wife helped me look at digital hearing aids and we picked one out that my doctor recommended. I have a while before I can officially test it out at a game, but I’m sure I won’t miss a beat again in showing school spirit again.

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