Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Keeping Your Home Safe

This post was written by Janet Wharson

With summer upon us and the children on break, many families will be taking a well-deserved vacation. Protecting your home while traveling is extremely easy, if you follow these general steps. Prepare for your travel, at least two to three weeks in advance. You will find that as the vacation date approaches issues will pop up. By taking starting to secure your home early, home security will not be one of them. Stop the delivery of newspapers and mail for the length of your vacation. Fold a note card in half and put the sentence. ‘Do not leave any advertisements at, on or near the door.’ Tape this near the handle of your door. Usually when the local pizza or Chinese delivery canvassers see this, they will not leave flyers at the door. Ask a trusted neighbor or family member to check on the house every three or four days. Show them how to set and disable your home security system. Also, give them any passwords associated with the system. Give the security company the name and telephone numbers of the person to be contacted during an emergency. Set all instead and outside timers. Finally, once the time to leave has come, set your home security alarm before leaving the house. Moreover, enjoy your vacation knowing your home is safe, secure, and being monitored by adt security in Michigan.

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