Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Trip to the Lake

Author: Dorsey Velasquez

We decided to take the kids to the lake last weekend. We had a ton of things to take with us on this trip. It felt like it took me forever to get the car loaded up and ready. I was sure it would be worth it. We set the home alarm system with a simple click and got on our way pretty early. We showed up at the lake around 11:00 am. We had plenty of time to spend there doing stuff. We went down to the water and played in the sand for a long time. Our oldest daughter wanted to get right in the water. She went out just to get her feet wet and the little one was following her right away. We all had a great time splashing around and playing for hours. We cooked out hot dogs that evening. It was a fun trip. We plan to take them at least one more time before school starts in August. I plan to take some tubes next time that we can float in on the water. That will be relaxing and just add to our good time. I can't wait to go again in a few weeks.

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