Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving Time

Guest post written by Jonathan Atwood

My husband is in the military and so we recently had to make a PCS move. Our move has been one of the easiest by far. Before we left our old home, that we are renting out we had called to let our phone, internet, and tv providers know that we were moving. When I made the call, I asked how to bundle CLEAR internet. All of the companies were so helpful and the same day we arrived at the house, our internet and tv man came and got everything set up for us in a timely manner. Our phone service all we had to do was call our provider and they got it transferred to a new phone number for us, since we changed area codes. I really think our son loves our new house as he keeps running through it smiling. I think our dog doesn't really know what to think, as we had always lived in the same house since we first got her. I am just really glad that our back yard is fenced in with plenty of room for our son and dog to play together. Our walls are the exact same color that our old home was, so I am glad that all of my decor will match. Moving into a new home isn't too bad after all.

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