Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Invitations and More

My grandson is getting married in June. They have decided on a date in June in Estes Park, Colorado. My daughter, of course, is helping to make all the arrangements. Not only do you have to make arrangements for the place for the wedding to take place but there is a whole lot more. His Mom has been busy reserving rooms along the way as we are driving out there for the wedding. In addition, one example is the, wedding invitations that do come to mind first. However, there are many more invitations that need to be chosen. Generally, several bridal showers are held in the family and friends homes and you need to order Bridal Shower Invitations and get them in the mail in a timely manner. It is nice to be able to choose from many designs and colors and also pick the invitation that covers the type of shower, whether it be household things, or personal. Then my grandson and his fiance chose and sent out "Save the Date" cards to everyone they wanted to attend. Since they are having their wedding out of state, arrangements for the guests had to be made at nearby motels. And naturally, of course, there are the usual bachelor and bachelorette party invitations to choose. His Mom is quite busy with the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding so the bride's mother is helping with that and all the special party essentials needed to make that dinner something to remember forever. Once the wedding itself was planned, they sat down and chose their wedding invitations, stationary,and thank you notes. But that wasn't all that it took to complete the planning. It is always customary to give the attendants in the wedding a gift and personalized wedding gifts are always special to give them, something they will have to remember always, their part in the wedding. But, of course, you want to personalize the unity candle and perhaps the toasting glass, or a personalized wedding frame to frame a special photo of the wedded couple. At the reception, place cards or placemats or a menu card are always appreciated by the guests and many save them as souvenirs of their friends or family's wedding.

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