Thursday, March 15, 2012

72 degrees in March 2012

It is 72 degrees again today in March. That is just unbelievable but we have to believe it because it is here. We broke all high temperature records yesterday by 10 degrees. That is really something. No coats, mittens or boots because there is no snow. It is supposed to be about 40 degrees and maybe 20 at night but nights keep getting warmer too. Probably in the 60's tonight. We love it but we better enjoy it and remember it because next winter just isn't going to be like this one. I would bet on that. In 2003 it was 71 degrees on March 14 and then we got 11.4 inches of snow on April 7, 2003 so you just never know. The weatherman doesn't think we need to worry this year but he said don't put away the snow shovel just yet.:0)

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