Thursday, August 12, 2010

Need a New Bedroom Dresser?

We have had our furniture I think since the time of wagon trains. Not that it is old, but no one has this kind of furniture anymore. It is more than time to throw it all out and start over. Since we spend a great part of our lives sleeping, we will start with the bedroom. I dropped a wall clock on top of our dresser and it has a hole right in the top of it. Of course, I cover it with a pretty dresser scarf so no one will know. What we need is a new bedroom dresser and we need it as soon as possible. I was checking out the Internet and I found some wonderful rustic furniture for the bedroom that would make a delightful change in our lives. The beds are beautiful and I have to make a big decision as to which one to get. And along with that night stands and of course there is a great selection of dressers. I just need to decide which one I want most. They are all so beautiful. I really like the Red Wood Hickory Barnwood dresser with 4 drawers. That would store a lot of clothing. However, the Eastern Red Cedar dresser with 6 drawers would be even better. Now to sit down and choose my new bedroom furniture and get it ordered.

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