Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Windows Lowered Heating Bills

Guest post written by Tia Few

Last winter I decided to get my old windows replaced in my home because they were so old that the glass looked like it was warped and melting. I got my windows replaced with new windows that fit tightly in the frames with new and smooth glass. The sears home pro vinyl siding professionals came right to my house and took the old windows out of the frames and disposed of them for me and installed new windows in their place. The whole process took less than a day and I called just a week in advance to have them switched out.

I was most suprised when I received my first heating bill for the winter. I have self regulating thermometers in my house so the temperature adjusts to be a constant degree at all times so I do not have to fiddle with the thermometer as the temperature outside rises and lowers.

The heating bill for the month was so drastically lowered that I was at first shocked as I had not thought of the fact that the windows could have anything to do with it. Then my husband mentioned to me that the newer windows were fitting tighter in the frames and that the old windows were probably letting out such a strong draft due to their loose fit. The newer tighter fitting windows saved us tons of money.

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