Friday, November 2, 2012

Sound and Vibration Insulators

Have you ever been in a building where there were many people talking all at once and you could not hear the person next to you due to all the sound coming from everywhere?  We used to go to this fish fry every Friday night.  They had just built a brand new building.  It was set up to serve a great many people over a two hour period.  The first time we went, we did not know if we wanted to ever go back again.  Although it was a new building, the sounds of the people talking were almost unbearable. It just vibrated throughout the building.   Then I am sure they contacted the right people for sound control and installed a ceiling that absorbed the sounds.  It was so much more pleasant to enjoy a dinner there.  You could not hear all the kitchen banging around either and the kitchen people shouting to each other to fill up the buffet.  It is so good to be able to find high quality sound and vibration insulators to take care of such a problem and a great many other problems such as the one I wrote about.

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