Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Theater

Our little town is restoring the old theater that closed in 1969.  They tore down the pharmacy that had been in its place for years and a group of citizens started working on it.  They had to clean the walls down many layers.  They found old murals on them that would have been neat to have been restored by they were too damaged.  The floor had to be all re-done also.  They just got the new front doors put on and now they are ready to put in the seating.  They are having a drive for people to help buy the seats.  There will be 215 seats and have 200 to buy for $250 each.  Then I am sure the filming equipment will be next.  Now that everything is digital, I have heard that part of it is quite expensive too.  It is supposed to open next Spring or Summer and will certainly be a great addition to our small town.  The nearest theater is 17 and 20 miles away.  You could walk to this one from most anywhere in town if you wished.  We old folks would drive of course. :0) I am looking forward to it opening.

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