Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wave Home Solutions

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wave Home Solutions for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We live in a small town.  This area is lower than the surrounding areas and the town has been well known for almost every home having a wet basement.  Because of this, we use every means we can to relieve the wet, damp odor in our basement.  We have two sump pumps that pump excess water out of the house but that is not all we use.  We also use a dehumidifier that runs constantly almost all year round.  It is expensive but we feel it is  necessary to keep the basement as dry as we can.  It does not work completely because we still have damp walls and mold forms and has to be cleaned up.  I know with the air conditioner and furnace exchanges of air in our home that the germs in the basement are coming upstairs as well.  I have heard it said that the air we are breathing upstairs can be worse than that in the basement.  Gases such as radon are common here too.  What we need is  Wave Home Solutions.  With the wave purification, it gets rid of the dampness and gasses forming in our basement and sends them outside, bringing new fresh air into the upstairs, which ultimately flows to the basement and before you know it, your home air is clean and fresh and healthy.  And it only costs pennies a day. They have a good guarantee too on their product and parts.  We do not want to continue to risk the health of our family any longer.  With 24/7 fresh air in our home, I know it will eliminate allergies and prevent asthma.  It also eliminates all the work of emptying the dehumidifier which takes up a great deal of time and you have to keep checking it to be sure you empty it on time.  No more of that work with Wave Home Solutions.  It is so satisfying to know you are doing something so good for your family's health, breathing in fresh air year round, rather than gasses, mold, and damp contaminated air from your basement.

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