Monday, June 25, 2012

Fine Mailboxes

My daughter recently bought a new home. They have been doing so much landscaping to make it look beautiful. She planted many flowers, bushes, etc. They have a lovely porch and she bought furniture and cushions for the porch. But then they looked at the mailbox that came with the house and it just did not look attractive at all. So in checking the Internet for personalized mailboxes, she came across this website and found just what she was looking for. The weatherproof, handcrafted mailboxes were just what she was looking for. They have been doing this fine work for 65 years, a record to be very proud of. It was not hard to find just what she was looking for in a fine custom made personalized mailbox. It is an asset to the looks of their new home and it keeps their mail safe and dry no matter what the weather. Their prices are great and there is free shipping right to your home along with a 30 day low price guarantee. It is a win win situation for a lovely mailbox. And they also make many other mailboxes to fit other needs.

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