Friday, December 16, 2011

Video Games

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

I thought gaming systems were for kids until I got married and learned that grown men are playing these video games! I am sitting on the couch just wanting to watch DIRECT TV but instead my husband is playing Modern Warfare. Let me just paint this picture for you. He is a thirty year old man, sitting on the couch wearing a headset playing a video game. He plays online with other people, most of whom are his other grown men friends. They actually talk smack to each other while they are playing the game. I always try and talk to my husband when he is playing. It is so hilarious to watch him try to act like he is paying attention to what I am saying when I can see that he isn't. The best is when he has to answer a question and he covers the microphone on the headset to answer me. As if he is embarrassed to be talking to his wife! Do boys ever grow up? I can't really say anything though because it isn't like he plays all day and he usually waits until I am in bed to play.

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