Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Hats

It is so much fun attending baby showers. There is always such a wonderful variety of baby clothes and among them cute baby hats. I know people with a great deal of talent choose to make their own baby hats for baby showers, but I love to shop and so I also love to shop for knitted baby hats in the wintertime because I know they will keep the babies head nice and warm. I love to buy little outfits that match and if you know it is a girl or boy that is expected, then you can carefully choose just the cutest baby hat to go with their outfit. I think most women enjoy a baby shower more than many other kinds of showers and parties. Having had 5 children of my own, it is always fun to see how the styles have changed and the delightful colors that are available now. It is so much fun shopping for baby hats.

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