Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Savings Dogs Lives

During the recession, many dog owners found they could not afford to feed and take care of their dogs anymore. Many of these dogs are in California. Now someone is doing something about it. They fly these dogs to Canada where they can have good homes. In order to help keep the dogs warm they provide dog jackets for each dog. One of the great things about adding a store to their rescue project is that all the profits go to rescue these dogs, thus saving their lives. A good warm dog jacket helps to keep the dogs warm and healthy too. Funding flights from California to Canada provides the ability to save these dogs lives that have been abandoned by their owners. By flying the dogs to Canada, they are able to furnish them with warm dog jackets and find them new owners who will really care for them and love them. I have seen a great many dogs abandoned on television that have been rescued in similar ways. It is certainly a good deed done.

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