Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exterior Shutters

When we finished siding our home, it looked so nice. We had new windows installed, as well, and a new roof put on. We stepped back to look at the finished job on our home and it looked so nice. However, there seemed to be something missing. We looked around the neighborhood and quickly figured out it was that we had no shutters on our home. In looking about, we knew right then that what we needed to put the finishing touch on our home was exterior shutters. But we did not have much experience with shutters so we needed to investigate the kinds and types of shutters that were available. Our local stores did not have much to offer, so I went to the computer and got on the Internet to see what was available there. I found a great site where I could order the kind of shutters, whether vinyl or wood. However, there was another option and that was composite shutters. We felt that free shipping was great on one type, that a 40 year warranty sounded even better on another type of shutter. The prices were very reasonable and we just had to decide on what color would work best with our new siding. It is exciting waiting for the delivery to arrive.

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