Friday, September 3, 2010

Athlete's Foot Fungus

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A person generally doesn't pay all that much attention to their feet. However, when the skin gets unusually dry and you begin to have itching and soreness between your toes, you then pay attention. You know something is going on that shouldn't be happening. We have seen many cases where the kids all take showers together and pick it up in the shower room from others who have it. It can be very uncomfortable and it sometimes it takes a trip to the doctor to find out what is going on. However, now there is Lamisil that you can buy over the counter to treat your athlete's foot fungus. If you apply it as directed, you will get great results and relief from your athlete's foot fungus.

My husband got a bad case of athlete's foot fungus and his toenails got a funny color. Then they began to thicken up and we knew something was not right. He said they even felt kind of numb. Every time he tried to trim his toenails, it seemed they got harder and harder to cut. You could even trim off some of the tough part but it didn't seem to change anything. Because they began to hurt him, we went to the doctor first and she said he had fungus under his toenails. We had never heard of such a thing. She gave him a prescription medicine to use but that did not work so we went to the pharmacist because he was quite knowledgeable. He recommended Lamisil for my husband's athlete's foot fungus and it worked for him. If anyone asks us about it, we always recommend it as a great product to take care of the fungus. It is so nice to be rid of it and have normal nails again and no uncomfortable hurting and itching.

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