Thursday, September 9, 2010

At the Met

Guest post written by Burt Church

I've been taking a couple of art history classes at the local college just for fun in my spare time during retirement. So when we decided that we were going to New York City for vacation this summer my husband looked up a bunch of art museums for us to go to.

The first and most important one that we wanted to go to was the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When we were there I was trying to explain to my husband the historical significance of one of the paintings that I learned about in class and he couldn't hear me. It was a little embarrassing that he kept asking me to repeat myself loudly in a hushed museum so when we went back to the hotel I looked up Free Hearing Tests and Miracle Ear locations. I told him that he just needed to go and get checked out about that when he got home after we finished playing tourists in NYC by going to the Statue of Liberty and Times Square.

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