Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Compare Cash Back Credit Cards

With interest going up almost every day on credit cards, I have begun searching for a new one that will give me the most benefits. Mine has just gone from a fixed rate to a variable rate and I don't always get the full amount paid each month. So I don't want to be stuck some months with a high rate of interest on my unpaid balance. I have found a great credit card site Compare Cash Back Credit Cards that has the best selection of credit cards around. I decided I would be better off with one that gave me cash back so I started searching their site. I found quite a few that would reward me with anywhere from 3% to 5% plus some even give you zero interest APR for 6 months. How can you lose with that kind of a deal? Many do not have an annual fee either and that is the kind I want. Check into their site for yourself. Maybe the card you are carrying isn't the best one either.

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