Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Therapy Journal

People love to journal their experiences in life and most on a daily basis. This is the website To visit, please click here > that has designed just such a journal online that everyone will like. The Personal Progress Graph is new and contains a pre-set or customized set of questions for the individual. You can measure your own sentiments and see what progress you are making in life if that is your goal. You can even customize it to fit your own needs. My son-in-laws father kept a daily journal of everything that happened, right down to the temperature of the weather that day and the kind of weather they were having. When he passed away, they found huge piles of these daily journals he had kept for many years. How convenient it is now to have it on the computer. You can even go in and add and change entries as you go along. There is a low monthly payment which can even be less if you choose to sign up for a year in advance. You can even have a 14-day free trial to be sure this is what you want to do. This user-friendly graph shows you your progress and you can choose your own categories to measure by. I tried keeping a journal on the calendar for about a year and I would forget to write down some things and then go back and try to remember what I had forgotten. I thought it might be a good idea for the children to read when they came to visit to see what had been going on at our home. But it got boring and I finally quit. I am on the computer daily and this new Therapy Journal seems to me to be just what I need because I won't forget to keep it up. I can set new goals and see how I am doing using the graph. It's a great idea. I bet everyone would love it if they got started. Just check into their website and read all about it.

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