Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1

Here it is, finally March but it isn't any warmer.  We have had at least 2, maybe 3 Polar Vortex systems go thru here and we are freezing.  It is 1 degree right now and snowing.  It snowed an inch yesterday and they say we will see some tomorrow too.  I pushed an inch of snow off the deck this morning so now it can add another 3" today.  I keep a shovel in the house because in past years, it has gotten so deep I could hardly get the door open to go out and get the newspaper.  So far I have shoveled some many days.  They sound like it won't start getting any warmer till Mid March.  I sure hope March goes out like a lamb and is much warmer and we get done with this cold freezing, snowy, blizzard, winter.

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