Friday, January 24, 2014

Arctic Blast

We now have the first day above zero in some time.  It is way up to 32. Yippee!!  It has been so cold that so many people have had their pipes freeze up this winter.  Whereas, they have never had their pipes freeze before.  Also many city water mains have broken and caused people to go without water for awhile while they fix it.  We are going to get more snow tonight and wind to blow it around again.  Then we will have one day of 22 degrees and the bottom is going to drop out again Sunday night for the next three days.  I heard it hasn't been this cold since 1982.  I remember those years.  The 70's were extremely cold too with lots and lots of snow and ice.  Many bad winters back then and we didn't miss them but we are getting a taste of them again this winter.

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